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Aerobed Classic DoubleThe AeroBed Classic Double Airbed is one of the more  popular inflatable airbeds from Aerobed.  It is portable, lightweight,  can accomodate two people whilst giving superior comfort that  helps you  get a good night’s sleep.

For maximum flexibility, effortable inflation in under 1  minute and even faster deflation, you can be assured of  being able to put up last minute guests quickly and easily.

Unlike the raised airbeds, which can be heavier and more  bulkier to carry around, the Aerobed Classic Double is an  inflatable mattress airbed which means it is closer to  the ground but this makes for a lighter and more portable  air bed.  Quite handy for you to take with you if you are  going to be staying over the night at someone’s house and  don’t want to have to sleep on a settee.

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Aerobed Classic Does Away With Bulky Camp Beds

The Aerobed Classic rolls up into a portable carry bag and  can be stored away in a cupboard until you need it.  It is  simple to get out and inflate and even quicker to deflate  and clear it away out of site, leaving your house clean and  tidy with no mess and no obvious signs of extra guests  having stayed the night.

For huge social get togethers such as at Christmas time,  having a raised air bed double at home means you can easily  have people staying over for the night. No need for your  guests to rush home at midnight, and it makes even more  sense to put up your friends or family if they have been  drinking.

If you have young children, you’ll find that for them,   sleeping on airbeds is a bit of an adventure and you might  have to give into them and let them sleep on an air bed  instead of you!

If you have a young family, it might be an idea to get the  blow up beds for kids as well as getting air beds for  adults.


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How Safe Is Your Aerobed Classic Double Airbed?

This is a valid concern as many who have not slept on an  air bed before will be concerned about the weight these air  beds can take.

Aerobeds have undergone stringent testing and are made from  heavy-duty and durable vinyl with electronically welded  seams. They are touch and long-lasting and have been tested  to 295kg.

Adjusting the Firmness of Your Aerobed Classic Air Bed

Unlike a traditional bed, you can adjust the firmness of  your self inflating air bed at the touch of a button using  the One Touch comfort control. You can have this as soft or  as firm as you want, whatever feels right to your body.

When you can buy the AeroBed Classic Double air bed this is what you would get in the box:

* An inflatable double size mattress Size: 188 x 137 x 23 cm

* Mattress inflation to a height of 23cm (the same as a traditional  mattress)

* A soft padded machine washable mattress cover

* A powerful attached pump for easy inflation
* Mattress inflation time of less than 1 minute
* Mattress deflations time of around  15 seconds

The Aerobed Classic is available in many stores but we  found to have the cheapest price.  Click here  to find visit the website.

You can also look at other Aerobed Classic air beds in the Aerobed product line: the Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed and the Aerobed Classic Raised Bed Single Size.

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Airbeds are a great temporary sleeping solution for many occasions from family birthday or anniversary gatherings, to kids’ sleepovers, Christmas and other times when lots of your friends or family members will get together.

Instead of turning your sofas and floor space into uncomfortable sleeping areas, inflatable airbeds allow you to quickly and easily put together a comfortable sleeping arrangement for your extra guests.

They get a blissful and soothing night’s sleep and your house doesn’t look like a complete mess.  Airbeds deflate and inflate quickly and can be stored away out of sight in a snug carry case that doesn’t take up too much space.

Airbeds come in several styles that are best for different purposes.  If you are looking for a temporary air mattress that you will use occasionally opt for an Intex airbed, these are simple in design and very affordable too.

The Aerobed range of airbeds has a bigger selection of airbeds such as the Aerobed Classic Double which looks like  the standard mattresses that are low to the ground.  The main advantage to using an Aerobed is that it comes with a special pump that inflates the Aerobed in just under a few minutes.

Classic Aerobeds are great for sleepovers and for impromptu get-togethers.  You can easily fit several or more of them in your family room or den when you need to accommodate some unexpected guests. These Aerobed Classic airbeds  are also great for dorm rooms or for sleepovers.  Keep one on hand in your college room for those times you have extra guests.

Airbeds are perfectly portable and lightweight which makes them easy to transport  and carry with you in your vehicle.  If you ever need to use it you’ll have it on hand.  You can bring it with when you travel to a friend’s home and will always have a place to stay on their floor using your air mattress.  Stay on your air mattress after a late night out or after going to a party.  Self-inflating airbeds give you  a comfortable night’s sleep no matter where you are.

Families love Aerobeds, too.  You won’t need to keep a whole room devoted to guests when you have Aerobeds.  They are a cheap and quick alternative to having a spare room, complete with normal bed, just for guests.

Choose an Aerobed style that provides you with the temporary bed that you need to make your guests comfortable.  Typically the best style for occasional guests is the Raised Aerobed.  The Raised Aerobed is styled much the same as a traditional bed with the height being comparable to that of your regular mattress and box spring combination.  This height is easiest for people of all ages to get in and out of.

If you have kids you know that they love to have sleepovers.  There is a style of  airbeds for kids that are designed so that your child can take these to sleepovers and won’t need anything else, no duvet or pillow required because these are all built in to the Ready Beds.

Many people still tend to use sleeping bags if they are going over to stay at someone’s house and for many children on sleepovers, the sleeping bag was deemed the perfect solution because of its lightweight. However, airbeds have come a long way in the last 5 years especially and you will find that the newer style of airbeds, especially for children are super light and easy to carry, even for little hands.

If you have ever slept in a sleeping bag you will appreciate that it really doesn’t offer much in the way of cushioning you from the hard floor. An airbed is a better choice than a regular sleeping bag because the sleeping bag doesn’t provide any support for the back.  Tots and small children can use airbeds for kids which are perfect to take on holiday too.

Air mattresses are especially good for taking on camping trips.  There are special airbeds that are made for outdoor use.  These beds are made of a more durable and thicker material so they can withstand more rugged use.  There are several styles of Outdoor Aerobeds to pick from including a style that is designed to be rugged yet lightweight for use in backpacking.


People have long kept spare bedrooms for guests that visit for an overnight stay.  Inflatable beds are the best solution to the modern lifestyle.

Today you can use extra rooms in more functional ways that allow you access to the space until you have overnight guests.  When guests arrive you simply need to inflate the bed, add some clean sheets and your room is instantly transformed into an overnight haven.  The inflatable airbeds are the perfect choice to help transform your room into a guest room that people will envy.

There are many inflatable beds to choose from but when looking for a good choice for your guest room the Aerobed range of airbeds is among the top picks.  Aerobeds are well known for their comfort and durability, two features that are important in choosing guest beds.  In the past people have used pull-out sofa beds, also called convertible sleepers, however these can be quite uncomfortable.  In fact many people have found that the sleeper sofa is not comfortable as either a bed or a sofa, making it a poor choice in the long run.

Airbeds are temporary sleeping solution and come in the form of an inflatable mattress or blow-up bed that you can easily store in a closet until it is needed.

Most airbeds are easy to inflate and comes with their own pump that allows you to inflate the bed in a matter of just a few minutes.  Airbeds are so versatile and come is handy especially if you entertain a lot and tend to have many overnight guests. They are also a great way of accomodating far flung family and friends who come to visit you for special get togethers at Christmas time, for instance.

When looking for airbeds, remember that they come in different sizes so you can get a few of them for use throughout the home.  For example you can choose the Ready Beds for kids for use in your children’s rooms for when they have a friend sleep overnight.  Keep a few of the twin size (single person size) on hand for sleepovers.  They can easily be inflated as needed for use in the TV room or den.

Aerobeds come in a variety of styles and sizes.  You can choose the one that is best for your particular situation.  For general guestroom use the Premier Raised Aerobed is the best choice.  These beds have two joined sections that make the bed rise almost the same as a traditional bed.  This is a good all-around choice because some older individuals may have trouble getting in and out of inflatable beds that sit close to the floor.  The Raised Aerobed makes a perfect choice when you want to provide your guests with a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience.

Aerobeds provide a good night’s sleep because they are some of the most comfortable beds of any type that you’ll find.  Aerobeds are inflated beds that give you the back support that you need exactly where you need it most.  The bed comes with a remote inflation comfort control that lets you easily adjust the feel of the mattress to your own preference with just a touch of the hand.   In fact many people are so impressed with the wonderful night’s sleep they get on an Aerobed that they use it as their everyday sleeping mattress.

The Raised Aerobed is not only comfortable but is also very easy to use.  Keep it rolled up and tucked away in its special case that allows it to fit into any closet.  The Aerobed is made of premium materials making it durable yet comfortable. The Raised Aerobed comes with a washable fleece cover and uses standard sized bed sheets.  There is a 3-year warranty on the Raised Aerobed ensuring that you’ll have a bed you can count on for years to come.

If you prefer something as comfortable but a little cheaper, then opt for the mattress type of airbeds, which are closer to the ground such as the Aerobed Classic Double airbed.

With so much variety around for the choice of airbed, you will easily be able to find the right airbed, at a price that is affordable for you and still be able to put up your guests with ease.


If you’re wondering how to find an airbed that is the best for you then you first need to determine what it is you are after.

The best place to begin is to determine what your main use for the airbed will be.

Will you be using the airbed as an extra bed for overnight guests?

Are you looking for single airbeds or double airbeds?

Do you prefer raised airbeds or inflatable mattress type airbeds?

Do you want the airbed for adults or Ready Beds for kids?

Will you want to use the airbed outdoors?

There are airbeds that are perfect for every situation.  Choosing the right airbed will ensure that you get a durable and reliable airbed that will be easy to use and will provide you with a great night’s sleep.

When it comes to airbeds the most famous name is Aerobed.  While other brands often attempt to provide similar features there is no other inflatable mattress that is as reliable and as feature-rich as the Aerobed.  The Aerobed has a simple design yet is highly rated as one of the best portable beds available on the market.  Aerobeds are made with high quality materials.  They always strive to provide the best products possible at competitive prices.

Price isn’t the main factor to consider when choosing an airbed.  You need to consider value for your money.  While there are probably some air mattresses that are less expensive than the Aerobed these are of inferior quality and likely won’t last long as the more durable and rigourously tested Aerobeds. However, it depends on what your are intending to use the airbed for.

If you want a cheap and temporary sleeping solution for extra friends who are coming over to stay, you can get a great quality and reasonably priced Intex airbed.  If you want an inflatable bed with the height of your everyday bed and want a bit more luxury, then you might be interested in the Aerobed platinum airbed.

You’ll end up replacing your cheap airbed several times while an Aerobed is still going strong.  That’s because an Aerobed is made to last and is a dependable purchase.

When choosing an air mattress another big consideration is comfort.  Most other air mattresses simply inflate and that’s it.  The Aerobed can come with special controls that allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress to suit your own tastes.  The Aerobed is thus able to provide you with the exact level of comfort that is best for you giving you a better night’s sleep than most traditional mattresses can give. If you want the utmost in comfort choose an Aerobed model.

You want an air mattress that is easy to use.  Cheap air mattresses need to be blown up using a hand pump or worse, your own air power.  Instead you’ll want an air mattress that can be inflated quickly and effortlessly.  The Aerobed comes with a patented air pump that fits into the bed to give an almost instant inflation.  Some model pumps are battery operated while others are electric.  Once the bed is inflated you’ll want to be able to remove the pump.  When you’re ready to put the bed away you need a quick way to remove the air.  Aerobeds can be deflated just as quickly as they were inflated.

Storage is always important when it comes to choosing an airbed.  Aerobeds come with their own storage bag.  Simply roll up the deflated Aerobed and place it into the storage bag.  Now the small sized bed can be stored in almost any location including a closet.  Avoid other beds that can’t easily be stored once they are out of their original packaging.

Hopefully, this article will have helped you in deciding what type of airbed might be the right choice for you.

Yes, some people actually do though it probably is not recommended to use these inflatable beds as a permanent sleeping solution.

Many people use an Aerobed as a temporary solution only to discover how great it is as their regular bed.  They then decide to keep using their Aerobed and simply don’t go back to their regular traditional bed for a while. Of course, over time, the inflatable mattress will deflate slowly and will need to be inflated again.

Why do so many people want to leave their old beds for the Aerobed?  The short answer is comfort.

The Aerobed is by far one of the most comfortable beds you can find – of any type.  The Aerobed is an
inflatable bed that comes in a variety of styles and sizes to suit anyone’s needs.  Many people use the Aerobed as a guest bed when they have unexpected company.  The Aerobed is a huge comfort improvement over the futon, sleeper sofa, floor or sleeping bag. In fact self-inflating beds are so comfortable that many people that sleep on them for the first time, perhaps at a friend’s house whilst staying over the night, want to go home and purchase one for themselves. They are a useful item to have spare in the house in case of any last minute weekenders.

Its not just the Aerobed range of airbeds that are so comfortable but also many other leading and well-known brands such as Intex and Coleman too. When it comes to Aerobed airbeds, you can easily customize the level of firmness or support that you get with the bed.

You can inflate the bed to a firmness that you like the best.  Many models also come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the firmness with a simple touch control.  You can adjust the comfort level while you’re in the bed until you find the exact level that you prefer.  The Aerobed is a much more affordable option to the expensive air control beds that you may have seen advertised.

Aerobeds make a great choice for regular sleeping.  They are easy to set up and take down when needed.  They are perfect for taking with you on a trip, to visit friends or even when you move.  The Aerobed is an easy alternative to a bulky traditional mattress and box spring combination that quickly wear out.  Aerobeds are great for your back.  They provide the spinal support that doctors recommend while sleeping.

Proper back support helps you to reduce or completely eliminate back pain.  Even some people who have suffered from chronic back problems have found that the Aerobed gives them the support they need to get rid of their pain forever.  The key to helping your back problems lies in the support of your spine while sleeping.  Most traditional mattresses just don’t give you the support that your back needs.

Most people have long ago forgotten what it’s like to get a real night’s sleep.  Discomfort makes us toss and turn while we search in our sleep for a position that will keep us feeling good.  The Aerobed gives you that comfort simply and easily.  Once you sleep on an Aerobed you won’t want to go back to your old mattress. You’ll wake up refreshed and renewed. That’s why many people actually do give up their traditional bed sets in favour of sleeping on an Aerobed on a regular basis.

For little toddlers there are many great alternatives for inflatable beds for kids such as character themed beds for kids or safe travel beds with sides to ensure that very young children stay snug and inside their beds instead of toppling out.

Generally speaking, many people who experience sleeping on an airbed for the time time are amazed by how comfortable and supportive the inflatable mattresses of today are. And whilst many sleep soundly like a baby, it is only a temporary sleeping solution and over time will not offer your back as much support as a conventional bed.

For this reason alone, you should never really use air beds in the place of your everyday bed.


Which would be better for you to do for a night or two, sleeping on a floor, ouch, or sleeping on an inflatable bed, you ask? Of course the answer to that is sleeping on the inflatable bed, otherwise known as an airbed, hands down.
Some people really do like the feeling of sleeping on the ground, especially when they are camping, but in truth, it really is not that great for your back.  Even using sleeping bag inside a tent will still feel rough and hard for your body to sleep on.

Airbeds Give Your Back Better Support & Protection Than A Hard Floor

Consider what your back is made up of—all those bones, the vertebrae.
Toss in the fluid that fills the spinal cord, and the nerves that go up and down your back, too.  There is a lot of potential for things to go wrong with your back by sleeping on the floor or the ground.
Many inflatable air beds or inflatable mattresses, blow up beds, self-inflating beds, call them what you will – now come with some type of coil system to them, so that consumers do not immediately sink right down onto the ground.  And, even better, their back is protected.
Some airbeds simply have rope coils, while others have chambers of air to provide pockets of support.  Still other models have other types of coil supports that are even stronger than the rope coils, and provide the consumer with the ability to not roll during their sleep.

Lots of Choice When It Comes to Airbeds Brands
There are many different brands are on the market now in terms of airbeds:

  • Coleman


just to name a few.  Shopping around is the best way to find out which airbed has exactly what you want in terms of comfort.

Going to different stores to check out the airbeds is a great idea.  Look to see if there is one set up on display.  Ask the salesperson what they know about it, and what information that they can give you.
Of course, you don’t have to buy the airbed right then and there and don’t buy the first one that you see or try out, either.  Take the time to shop around.  Go to camping stores, supply stores, even major discount stores to see what you can find before you decide to buy an airbed.
After you have taken the time to find out all you can about the different models available to you, and that fit into your price point, then decide how comfortable you want to be on the airbed.
Do you have a bad back and really have to have an airbed that has a terrific support system to it?  If so, then you might want to check out the AeroBed Explorer, because it has the Quadra Coils built into it.  Those Quadra Coils provide lots of extra support, and prevent the sleeper from rolling around in their sleep, as well.
Will you be using the airbed regularly?  For example, are you the social hub in your group of friends or family and have lots of people staying over on a regular basis?

Don’t Go Camping Without Your Airbeds

Is the airbed something that you will only be getting out to go camping with a lot?

How much are you willing to spend on it?
Don’t forget the kids, either.  Should you need to put the kids on a bed, instead of on the floor, there are a great range of inflatable kids beds available that kids will absolutely love.

If you want something more safe for younger children perhaps then you’ll be needing something like a kids travel bed with sides.  This will prevent the children from rolling out in the middle of the night and hurting themselves.
Other brands such as Intex don’t offer the same type of support in their airbeds.  They speak of a fourteen, fifteen or even sixteen gauge chamber.  These chambers are filled with air, like pockets, but if a hole develops in one of them, then that area will sag, and not support you.

When looking for a quality airbed for your family, you can already see that there is a lot of choice around and you will be able to find the right airbed at the right price.

The days of sleeping on the floor should be banished forever!

Do Away With Flimsy Sleeping Bags & Get A Decent Camping Airbed Instead

Also, airbeds are perfect for camping trips. Do away with flimsy, no-support sleeping beds and grab yourself a few lightweight and portable airbeds to take on your camping trip.

When you are going on your first camping trip, it is hard to know what to take.  That is, unless you can find a detailed list somewhere—and of course, that list will vary from place to place.
Something else to consider when making that list of what stuff you will need to go camping with is not only where you are camping at, but who you are camping with.  In other words, are you going out to the great outdoors with someone who does not understand what roughing it means?
Additionally, are you taking a bunch of kids with you?  What are their ages?  Teenagers are one thing, because they can be semi-helpful.  Little ones on the other hand are not so helpful because they have to be watched.  You don’t want them stepping into a fire pit with the fire going.
Let’s focus on a basic list for those who like to semi-rough it when camping.  In other words, they like to see the stars, but still like to use electric hook-ups and other modern conveniences, too but not a lot of them.
Looking for a place with an electricity supply is not something that those who like to “rough-it” prefer.  But, for those of us who would prefer to have some type of comfort under the stars, access to a main socket is really needed.
Speaking of exceptions to the rule for electric hook-ups, one that comes to mind is the AeroBed Extreme Outdoor Mattress.  Not only does it inflate up to twenty five centimeters, which is more than most, but its pump can recharge off of your car battery.

First, let’s start with a tent—preferably a cabin-type, stakes, tarps, cooking unit (grill), cooking and eating utensils, airbeds, pillows, covers.   Don’t forget plates of some sort, and something to drink out of.  Don’t forget a cooler for food, ice, cooking spray for the grill, cooking pans, as well as bug spray, cell phone and a first aid kit.
Sure, a lot of that list is common sense stuff.  But, let’s talk about the comfort items—particularly the airbed, and where it is going to go.  Add on the bedspread or duvet for warmth, and some decent pillows, and you will sleep.
Most people don’t consider an airbed a necessity for a camping trip, especially a first camping trip.  However, in reality, it is.  In order to be well-rested, and to avoid sore muscles, one needs a good night’s sleep—and on the proper airbed, this is possible.

Should you decide you want to take your family to a really cold spot, then there will be no problem with the AeroBed Extreme Outdoor Mattress inflating and deflating.  It takes about ninety seconds to inflate and thirty seconds to deflate.
Purchasing the tent can be confusing at best.  Take into consideration how many people will be using the tent, the use of the airbeds such as the AeroBed Extreme Outdoor Mattress, and how much of your own personal equipment you intend to store in them.
Considering that information, you may choose to purchase several cabin style tents, or even something different.  Look around, and don’t let the salesperson lead you to the highest price one right away.  If there are display models available, get in them, and try them out.
When buying plates, cups and silverware, buy the type that will be easily rinsed off well, and stored easily.  Remember, you want to leave your surroundings as nice as you found them so you don’t litter.
Cooking equipment such as a grill should also be on your list—you do not need to go out and buy a fancy grill.  Something simple that can go over the firepit, and hold your food evenly will do just fine.
Remember, the things that you will need on your camping trip are just simply common sense.  However, if you are not sure, please ask.

Given a choice, which would you pick as being the best for you?  Sleeping on the floor, or sleeping on an airbed?  Well, sleeping on an airbed, of course!  Who would not want to sleep on something that is infinitely more comfortable than the floor?

Keep in mind that sleeping on an airbed automatically creates a barrier—a soft one—between your body and the ground.  Usually, the ground is not particularly soft, so sleeping on an airbed is definitely the preferred choice for anyone to pick.
For example, if you were going camping, there are several different models of AeroBeds airbeds that you could pick from that would give you support.  One of these is the AeroBed Active Double which is perfect for family camping trips as it can inflate in less than 1 minute and deflate in a super speedy 15 secs.

Another is the AeroBed Explorer Single which has Quadra Coils built into it, and can be used while camping in a number of places.

Airbeds are comfortable and will help you sleep at night, if you buy the right kind, that has built in support in it.  There are plenty out on the market that do not have support that is very good in them—and in the long run, they will not help you sleep as well.
AeroBed has another set of airbeds made for the indoors, of course.  As an example, one to look at would be the AeroBed Platinum Raised With Comfort Zones.  This airbed has built in an air coil system of comfort zones, and inflates to the height of a regular bed.  Due to the air coil system, pressure points are eliminated, so you will sleep quite well.
However, due to the fact that air does expand and contract because of warmth and cold, airbeds can sometimes tend to deflate very slightly overnight, although this is not always the case. Some will do so more than others and the deflation rate will also depend on when you inflated the airbed in the first place.

Filling up an airbed, depending on the model, is not particularly difficult.  Some models have pumps that are automatic, some are pumps that you have to pump yourself—yet others are pumps that you have to charge using your car battery.

When you or your company lies down on the airbed after it has been inflated, it will be quite full.  However, due to the pressure that your bodies create on the bladder that an airbed truthfully is, some deflation will occur.
Deflation does happen in any airbed, no matter what any manufacturer claims.  Pressure from the body or bodies lying on the airbed forces the air to leak out, just a tiny bit, while sleeping.  AeroBeds, the company, does provide a minor repair kit with each of its airbeds, just in case something happens.

The deflation may not be as severe as if there was a rip in the airbed from an animal putting a hole in it, or a pin hole for example.

Many people look at the price of the typical coil mattress and boxsprings, roll their eyes and want to cry.  At the same time, the same people vow to find a solution that is cheaper, and hopefully much more comfortable, too.
Memory foam mattresses are one option, but there is an even better option in terms of money—airbeds.  Airbeds are easy to maintain, put up and take down so that you have extra room to work in when you need it, and—best of all—fairly cheap.

There are quite a few airbeds on the market now, and some are not worth the effort of buying—in regards to comfort.  On the other hand, there are some, such as the Intex Raised Queen airbed that really are are great quality inflatable beds.  Handy for extra visitors.

For example, buying an airbed off the shelf at your local supermarket or discount store is probably not going to give you a lot of comfort.  Yet, taking the time to go shopping at camping stores or even a high end sporting goods store will give you a better product comparison than at the other two places.

Even better, shopping online at will give you plenty of airbeds choices and you can easily compare different brands and prices. We often find that Amazon has the best prices around a lot of the time and regularly offer FREE shipping on selected items.

However, there are consumers who are in need of beds that will provide them with support for their backs, but still at a good price.  So, the question is—is this possible?  Truthfully, the answer is, it depends on the type of airbed that you purchase.

Some of the airbeds that have been cheaply purchased will come with a pump that you have to pump up and down in order to get the air into the bed itself and that doesn’t insure that it will be very comfortable to sleep on.  Others will be a bit better than that, and have pumps that you will be able to plug into a wall, and get a more even air distribution.
Be willing to spend a bit more for your airbed and look for one that has some type of support system built into it.  Something like a Quadra-Coil system found in the AeroBed range of beds, for example.

When looking into the Quadra-Coil system, it is interesting to note that it ensures a stable, even sleeping surface.   Not only does it do that, the air distribution throughout the airbed remains equal, so there are no floppy corners or sinking middles.

Knowing this for a fact makes one want to climb right on, and test out the AeroBed inflatable beds just to see what they feel like.  Additionally, knowing that these beds will fill up to a nice, thick twenty three centimeters, one knows that there will be plenty of support the body to sleep on.

This leads to another thought—the AeroBed Classic Double is able handle weights of up to 300 kgs.
How many other airbeds are capable of handling that kind of weight?
Checking out the AeroBed Classic Double even further leads one to discover that the ease of setting it up, and taking it down, would make it a breeze to use.  Simply attaching the pump to the opening on the side, and flipping a switch yields full inflation in less than sixty seconds.

For those who want to let a little air out to make their airbed just a bit softer, then simply press a button, and that matter is solved.  Relax, sleep, and then get up and open the valve—fifteen seconds later the bed is deflated.  How simple is that?
People who would like to use the AeroBed classic double as a regular bed can do so, for a few days. We are not sure how long you will be able to sleep on an inflatable bed for and whether long term use of these types of beds, might cause you back problems later on.
However, for a few days, sleeping on an airbed poses no problem at all.
Simply remember that the air in the room in the evening is usually cooler, so the air will expand more in the bed as it fills up.  As it warms up, the air will contract a bit, and the bed will shrink.
So, yes, it is perfectly possible to use an airbed as a regular bed for a few days and still be just as comfortable.  With just a little bit of adjustment, you can really enjoy it, too.

Airbeds are popular not only for occasional use for guests but also for use as a regular daily bed.  While most airbeds are sturdy they can occasionally spring a leak.  Aerobeds airbeds are designed using high quality materials that reduce the chance for problems.  However, your airbed can get a leak or puncture.  If your airbed does get a leak don’t worry.  Most leaks can be easily patched.  In fact often the patch will hold up for years to come.

The first sign of a leak in your airbed is often a slow deflation.  Most leaks are small and you may not notice any air coming out until you actually sleep on the bed.  The pressure from your weight will force air out of the tiny hole while you sleep.  If you think your airbed has a leak start by testing the bed.  Remove all the sheets and blankets from your bed.  Use your air pump to inflate the bed again taking care not to over-inflate.

Once the bed is fully inflated you can start to look for the leak.  Make sure that you turn off all the noise in the room. Larger leaks may be easy to find since you will often hear the air escaping from the bed.  Try pushing on the mattress as you listen for air coming out.  You can also try rubbing your hand over the mattress bit by bit as you feel for a small dimple where the hole may be located.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a very tiny leak.

If you are having trouble locating the leak you can try another method.  Place a small amount of soapy liquid onto the mattress.  You will see the bubbles come up where the air leak is located.  Another alternate method is to put a very thin piece of plastic or material onto the airbed and see where the air is pushing the material up.  Once you locate the leak it is an easy matter to correct the problem.

Many airbeds, such as the Aerobed, come with a small patch kit.  The patch kit contains a simple way to patch small holes or rips in your airbed.  The kit contains a small piece of plastic patch material.  To apply the patch to the air mattress first deflate the mattress completely.  Make sure that the area to be patched is dry and clean. Then follow the directions to apply the patch.  Let the patch adhere completely before re-inflating the mattress.

If you don’t have a patch kit you can get one from a local hardware supply store. They will often have universal patch kits that are made for patching plastic products.  These kits will work well with your air mattress. The biggest mistake that people make when patching an air mattress is not letting the patch adhere to the mattress long enough before inflating it.  Whenever possible try to allow it to adhere overnight before adding air to the mattress again.

Many times you will find that the patched area holds up extremely well to continued use.  In fact you may see that the mattress performs as good as new once it is patched properly.  A good patch will hold up to years of continued use.

The Intex Raised Queen airbed is one of the more popular of types of  air mattress beds from Intex.  It is great for putting guests up with, or for you to sleep on if you are staying away from home overnight.

Experience a comfortable and relaxing night of sleep  at a reasonable price too on an Intex air mattress.

What makes the Intex Raised Queen Airbed  very versatile and easy to use is that it is a raised inflatable  bed that can accomodate 2 adults easily. So you won’t get that low on-the-floor  mattress feel whilst you are sleeping.  Being elevated off the ground makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed whilst also feeling just like a regular bed.

Intex Queen Has a Built-In Airpump

Save your own breath and use the built-in electric  pump to get this bed up and inflated in minutes.
You won’t experience any of that “bouncy castle”  wobble with this air bed either because it has  additional stability in both the top and bottom  layers.  This means, you sleep soundly, firmly and  comfortably, drifting off to a sweet slumber instead  of bobbing up and down like a boat!

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Many satisfied customers liked the lightness and  portability of this airbed which makes it easy to  take with you if you are going to stay overnight  somewhere away from home.

Others rave about its firmness, easy of inflating  and deflating and found it to be very handy to have  for overnight guests.

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