This article is for the picky loader – those who want everything that is best for their camping trip. Think everything fun, comfortable and luxurious.

Let us face it, some campers would not want to go out camping at all if they are not sure they would feel a lot at home. Some campers would not settle with just the basic camping equipment out there. We definitely understand that. Living in the wilds could be intimidating, and they need all the comfort they could get – even at the point of spending their whole paycheck on all of the best camping equipment they could find.

Everything, as in everything. The average loader would settle for the just the top necessities when it comes to camping, but the picky loader would go for everything that will make his vacation the best it could be. And the best it could be would mean bringing a load of extra camping equipment. Everything you will be needing from intricate lighters to portable DVD’s. If you want your camping trip to go an extra mile, then don’t forget these luxuries.

Not all types of camping are the same. Some are just as simple as going through the night in the outdoors, with the simple joys like stargazing. Some are challenged to go unharmed in an un-chartered territory. And some like to party-ay in the woods without a single care in the world. Nonetheless these things would be impossible if you happen to fail in packing the ultra needed camping equipment that go alongside your dreams and ideals of the perfect getaway in the ultimate outdoors. Here is the best you could get when it comes to camping.

1. Beer and loads of uncooked steak.
2. Recipes.
3. Wine glass.
4. Martini glass.
5. Champagne glass.
6. Champagne.
7. Ziploc bags.
8. Picnic towels.
9. Foldable furniture. Camping chairs and tables.
10. Coolers, even a portable refrigerator.
11. Blender.
12. Hibatchi grill or Coleman portable stove
13. Your own grilling smoky firewood.
14. Firestarter or quick start sticks.
15. Propane lantern.
16. An insect repellent mechanism.
17. Insect bite.
18. After bite.
19. Pain relief.
20. Anti histamine
21. Topical antibiotics
22. Emergency thermal reflective blanket.
23. Tent heater.
24. Compact generator.
25. Sound system.
26. DVD’s.
27. Portable TV set.
28. Laptop.
29. Digital camera.
30. Video game consoles.
31. Board games.
32. UNO. Bunco dice. Bingo cards.
33. Deck of cards.
34. Books
35. Mags.
36. Crossword puzzles.
37. Kiddie activity books.
38. Beach or sand toys.
39. Sunbathing towel.
40. Baseballs or footballs.
41. Frisbees.
42. Binoculars.
43. Compass.
44. Swimming gear.
45. Inflatable kayak.
46. Boating and fishing equipment.
47. Extra sleeping mats and sleeping pillows.
48. Bean bags.
49. Air mattresses.
50. The biggest tent.

Make a list of all the engaging activities you want to do on your camping trip, and then list down all, as in all you will be needing. It is not important if you come up with the longest list possible of camping equipment. The idea is comfort, and having fun.

This article is for the picky loader – those who want everything that is best for their camping trip. Think everything fun, comfortable and luxurious.

Rachel Nunez