Aerobed Classic DoubleThe AeroBed Classic Double Airbed is one of the more  popular inflatable airbeds from Aerobed.  It is portable, lightweight,  can accomodate two people whilst giving superior comfort that  helps you  get a good night’s sleep.

For maximum flexibility, effortable inflation in under 1  minute and even faster deflation, you can be assured of  being able to put up last minute guests quickly and easily.

Unlike the raised airbeds, which can be heavier and more  bulkier to carry around, the Aerobed Classic Double is an  inflatable mattress airbed which means it is closer to  the ground but this makes for a lighter and more portable  air bed.  Quite handy for you to take with you if you are  going to be staying over the night at someone’s house and  don’t want to have to sleep on a settee.

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Aerobed Classic Does Away With Bulky Camp Beds

The Aerobed Classic rolls up into a portable carry bag and  can be stored away in a cupboard until you need it.  It is  simple to get out and inflate and even quicker to deflate  and clear it away out of site, leaving your house clean and  tidy with no mess and no obvious signs of extra guests  having stayed the night.

For huge social get togethers such as at Christmas time,  having a raised air bed double at home means you can easily  have people staying over for the night. No need for your  guests to rush home at midnight, and it makes even more  sense to put up your friends or family if they have been  drinking.

If you have young children, you’ll find that for them,   sleeping on airbeds is a bit of an adventure and you might  have to give into them and let them sleep on an air bed  instead of you!

If you have a young family, it might be an idea to get the  blow up beds for kids as well as getting air beds for  adults.


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How Safe Is Your Aerobed Classic Double Airbed?

This is a valid concern as many who have not slept on an  air bed before will be concerned about the weight these air  beds can take.

Aerobeds have undergone stringent testing and are made from  heavy-duty and durable vinyl with electronically welded  seams. They are touch and long-lasting and have been tested  to 295kg.

Adjusting the Firmness of Your Aerobed Classic Air Bed

Unlike a traditional bed, you can adjust the firmness of  your self inflating air bed at the touch of a button using  the One Touch comfort control. You can have this as soft or  as firm as you want, whatever feels right to your body.

When you can buy the AeroBed Classic Double air bed this is what you would get in the box:

* An inflatable double size mattress Size: 188 x 137 x 23 cm

* Mattress inflation to a height of 23cm (the same as a traditional  mattress)

* A soft padded machine washable mattress cover

* A powerful attached pump for easy inflation
* Mattress inflation time of less than 1 minute
* Mattress deflations time of around  15 seconds

The Aerobed Classic is available in many stores but we  found to have the cheapest price.  Click here  to find visit the website.

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