Aerobed Classic Double Bed RaisedThe AeroBed Classic Raised Double Air Bed seems to be a  firm favourite with happy customers who rave about the  comfort of this bed and the ease with which it can be  inflated and deflated.  Let’s face it, whilst comfort  is probably the main factor when it comes to using   blow up beds, many of us also don’t want too much  hassle trying to put the bed up and get it packed away  once we have finished with it.

Why let your guests sleep on a mattress on the  floor when you can give them a super comfortable raised  bed that is the same height off the floor as a normal  bed?

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So, the fact that Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air bed can be inflated in  less than 3 minutes at the touch of a button gets a  huge thumbs up from us. Deflating this air bed is even  quicker and takes about 60 seconds.  Brilliant!

If you think about it, we often use air beds as a  temporary solution. The most popular use of these  inflatable mattress beds is when we have extra guests  staying over the night, usually when you’ve had a  social get together and kids and family are all causing  chaos in your house!  Chances are it’ll be a late night  and getting bedtime sorted very quickly is paramount.

If you have kids, you know how weary and tearful they  can get late at night especially if they have been  playing all day.  Being able to get the spare beds up  and get everyone to bed quickly is a god send.

The next morning, deflate your bed in less than a  minute and pack it away in a storage bag that is about  the size of a waste paper bin. It won’t take up much  storage space and is super quick and easy to pack away  until its needed the next time.

Raised Air Beds, So Comfy Its Hard to Get Up  Again!

One of the best features about raised air beds is the  great night’s sleep many people claim to get when  sleeping on one of these. It’s easy to see why. Being  high off the ground, the elevated height with a  mattress pumped full of air makes for a soft and  cushioned mattress which might be a little bouncy as  you get into it, but once you are  in….aaaahhhhhhh….you will sleep like a baby.
It sure beats sleeping on the floor.

You can also control the firmness level of the bed at  the touch of a button, so easy to do even when you are  lying on the bed. Simply adjust it until if feels just  right for you.

Aerobeds are made from heavy duty vinyl that is  puncture resistant and is designed to withstand excess  pressure without caving in. This means your bed remains  fully inflated until you deflate it and pack it away.

Aerobed beds are double-checked by the manufacturer and  will not have any air leakage during the night so that  you find yourself waking up on a deflated mattress the  next morning.

Can the Raised AeroBed Be Good For My Spine?

Rest assured, Aerobed, the manufacturers of the Classic  Raised air beds incorporate Quadra Coil technology  which creates individual pockets of air that get evenly  distributed all across the mattress. This means that  when you and your partner are lying on one of these  beds, you won’t roll together in the middle but will be  able to lie on your own sides of the bed in absolute  comfort – just as you would in a normal bed.

This has been proven by experts to eliminate pressure  points and also to promote a healthy spinal alignment.  Not only that, but you can be sure that the bed you lay  on will feel solid all over and you won’t experience  that feeling of the air moving to another part of the  bed as you lay down on one side (which is what happens  on a bouncy castle).

Rigorous & Quality Testing Procedures for Aerobeds

With Aerobeds you know you are buying a quality air  bed becuase they are:

  • Made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl
  • Have electronically welded seams that can take over  275 kgs of weight
  • A random selection of beds are tested in  procedures some of which involve simulating 52 years of  normal use

Buying the Aerobed Classic Raised Double Air Bed Gives  You:

  • An air bed that is the height of a traditional bed
  • Tough and durable has been tested to 204kg
  • A machine washable mattress cover and valance  included
  • A velvety plush surface which feels warm and  comfortable to touch
  • 3 minutes to inflate
  • 1 minute to deflate
  • Adjust the comfort of the bed to your taste at the  touch of a button
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Powerful pump that comes with a fast-inflate button  AND a comfort control feature

Sleep like a baby and get a beautiful night’s rest with an Aerobed Classic Raised Air Bed.

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