Aerobed Classic Raised Single BedThe Aerobed Classic Raised Bed Single Size is the perfect option  if you are going to stay at a friends and really don’t want  to be sleeping on the floor or the couch.

You don’t have to put your friends and family out if you  turn up at their door with your own easy inflatable bed!

In fact, with an air mattress that inflates to a thickness  of 51cm and in 3 minutes with a fast mains electric pump,  you won’t even have to spend a lot of time getting your bed  ready for you to sleep in. And you’ll enjoy a great night’s  sleep too because the Aerobed range of inflatable air beds  are highly popular simply because they are durable,  reliable and give you a good night’s rest.

No foot pump or work is required from you. Just plug it  into the mains and let the electric pump do all the hard  work.

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Your Aerobed Classic Single Bed – Firm or Soft?

You can adjust the inflatable raised air bed mattress to be  as soft or as firm as you would like by using the comfort  control feature.  These single air beds are so portable and  simple to use, you might find your family and friends will  be looking to buy one for themselves once they see how easy  it was to get yours set up and ready for bed. Also, when it  comes to storing away, you simply roll the bed around the  pump and pack it away in its durable carry bag. It doesn’t   take up too much space either.

Many people tend to get worried about airbeds because they  are afraid of punctures but Aerobed air beds are made from  durable and heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl and have  eletronically welded seams that can withstand well over 275  kgs of weights. Therefore, without exception, they are  quite tough.

Self inflating beds such as the Aerobed Classic Raised  Single bed are really useful to have as you never know when  you might need them.

They always come in handy for when:

  • Certain times of the year when friends and family get together for Christmas  & Birthday/ Anniversary parties
  • You have friends who have drunk too much and can’t drive  home
  • You have friends who have ended up staying too late and  it would take too long to drive back
  • Yyou have friends visiting you but they missed the last  train home
  • OR you are visiting friends and family and you know they  don’t have an air bed, so you might as well take your own!

There are plenty of reasons why you might need an airbed -  so why not get one today?

Buying the Aerobed Classic Raised Single Bed

If you buy the classic single raised aerobed, here’s what  you will get:

* A bed with dimensions of 188 x 99 x 51cm

* Comes with a machine washable cover and valance

* Has a soft plush velvety surface which feels soft and  warm to the touch

* The mattress inflates to a thickness of 51cm

* Comes with a powerful mains electric pump that can  inflate your air bed in 3 mins

* Ability to adjust the mattress firmness with the comfort control feature

* Quick clearup, the air bed takes only 1 min to deflate

* Quick and easy storage, comes with its own durable carry  bag

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