Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed The AeroBed Classic Raised King Air Bed is a great big  and very comfortable air bed that is raised off the  ground just like a traditional bed.

With a sizing of 198 x 152 x 51 cm, this is bigger than  the Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air Bed which has a  size of 188 x 137 x 51 cm    and costs a little bit more for  this reason.

If you are going away or having guests over to yours,  you can always ensure a great night’s sleep on the  Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed.


This is a self-inflating mattress which inflates in under 3 minutes and can deflate in about 60 seconds.  Which makes it super handy to have when extra guests are staying, as you spend less time getting the beds ready and clearing away in the morning is simple. Just roll up the inflatable mattress around the pump and store it in its storage bag out of sight.  This way, you can have extra people staying over but your house won’t look like a bombsite the next morning.

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An Aerobed With Elevated Height

The best thing about having a raised air bed is that  its just like sleeping on a normal bed. You won’t get  that feeling of being low down on the ground with  normal inflatable mattresses.

The elevate height the raised air beds is similar to  that for a normal bed, so you won’t really feel as  though you are “roughing it”. Instead, you’ll be quite  surprised to find that you will probably sleep like  a  baby and get a good rest.

The entire boxed system that will be shipped out to you  will be about 18kg in weight. You will also get a  machine washable cover and valance sheet that comes  with your Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed.

No Roll-Together on  Aerobed Air Beds

Unlike the cheaper inflatable mattresses that make you  feel as though you are on a bouncy castle, the Aerobed  air beds are made using Quadra Coil technology which  creates individual pockets of air that get distributed  evenly across the mattress. This effectively means that  if one of you lies down, the other one won’t go rolling  towards you when they get into the bed.  You will both  be able to lie on your side of the mattress without  rolling towards each other into the middle. This makes  for a really comfortable and enjoyable sleep

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The Aerobed Classic range also has the Aerobed Classic Double air bed which is not a raised air bed.

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