Aerobed Platinum Raised Double BedYou might find that sleeping on an Aerobed Platinum Raised Bed Double Size gives you a better night’s sleep than  sleeping on your own regular everyday bed.

It might be something to do with being able to control just  how firm or how soft you want your air bed to be. After  all, being able to adjust the firmness of your mattress is  not something that you can do with your traditional bed.

That said, air beds are used mainly as a temporary sleeping  arrangement often when you have guests at your home.
What usually happens is that once you have slept on an  Aerobed bed, you will never want to sleep on the floor or  couch ever again, so if you are visiting friends you will  end up taking your own Aerobed with you!

Best Price For Aerobed Platinum Raised Double Bed

Without a doubt, when researching the different outlets  that sell Aerobed Platinum Raised Double Beds,  often had the best price online.  Whilst we can’t state an  exact price here, because the prices on Amazon are  constantly being updated.

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Be Nice To Your Guests With an Aerobed Raised Bed

You don’t have to give up your own bedroom in order to  accomodate your guests nor do you have to make them (or  you) sleep on the floor or the settee anymore.

Having an  inflatable air bed makes it so much easier to accomodate  your guests without causing any disruption in your own  home.

The bed can inflate in 3 minutes and deflates in 1 minute  so in 5 minutes you can makeup a bed and get your guests  ready for bed.
Packing up in the morning is even quicker. With a 1 minute  deflation time, you can roll up the air bed around the pump  and store it away neatly in a durable carry bag.

Let’s not also forget how comfortable these beds are!
Many people report sleeping better on one of these than  they would in their own beds.
One of the main factors is that with an Aerobed inflatable  bed you won’t experience the roll-together effect that you  may have experienced with cheaper alternatives.  The beds  are manufactured using Quadra Coil technology which makes  for a more stable and even sleeping surface giving maximum  comfort during a night’s sleep.

Platinum Raised Double Bed from Amazon

When you buy a Platinum Raised Double Bed from Amazon you  get the following:

  • A bed with Dimensions 188 x 137 x 56cm
  • A quality 100% cotton machine washable mattress cover
  • A powerful mains electric pump with fast inflation button
  • An inflation height the same as that of a traditional bed
  • The ability to adjust the firmness of the bed with a  remote comfort control device
  • A tough and durable air, which has undergone rigorous  testing
  • A comfortable and restful night of sleep!

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You can also get a Platinum Raised Bed King Size, if you wanted a similar bed but in a slightly larger size (198 x 152 x 56cm).