Aerobed Platinum Raised Bed King SizeThe Aerobed Platinum Raised Bed King Size is definitely the  top end of the Aerobed range of inflatable mattresses and  raised air beds.

A sumptuous King size bed with dimensions of 198 x 152 x 56cm and , Quadra Coil technology  which ensures that you sleep extremely well and without  rolling into the middle towards your partner, you can expect to get a good night’s sleep and wake up well rested the next morning.

You might  even find yourself a little bit reluctant to go back to  sleeping on your normal everyday bed once you have slept on  an Aerobed Platinum Raised bed.

The most popular use of this bed is for having one in case  you have extra friends staying over the night with you and  you don’t have a spare room or an extra bed in which to put them up.

It is so much nicer to be able to accomodate your guests in a super  comfortable blow up bed that is the same height off the  ground as a traditional bed. There’s no need to put your  friends on a dingy little mattress on the floor or make  them sleep on a couch, when you can put them up easily and  quickly with a Raised Air bed.

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What Is So Different About the Aerobed Platinum?

The Aerobed Platinum has a powerful recessed pump for  inflating and deflating.

You can also inflate and deflate  this air bed remotely. Not only that but you have the  option to adjust the firmness of the bed to suit your needs  and you can do this with the comfort control feature.

Unlike the other models, Classic Aerobed and Premier  Aerobed, the Platinum Aerobed has comes with a 100% cotton  mattress cover and has a longer 5 year limited guarantee.

And being a bigger bed, it will take about 3  minutes to inflate and 3 minutes to deflate as well but  with the electronic main pump, you won’t have to do any of  this yourself.

Typically, if you were on the move and wanted to take a  portable bed around with you, the Platinum Raised king size bed would be too bulky to carry around and you would be better  off with something like the Aerobed Premier Raised Double Air Bed.  But,  having the Platinum Raised air bed at home for use when extra guests arrive,  is a fantastic bed and saves you the headache of  keeping a spare bedroom for guests.

With this, you can turn  any room into a spare room.

If you wanted a slightly smaller bed, you can look at the Platinum Raised Double Bed which comes with dimensions of  188 x 137 x 61 cm and will fit standard size bedsheets.