Aerobed Premier Raised Double Air BedThe AeroBed Premier Raised Double Air Bed is a slightly  more comfortable and pricier model from the Aerobed  Classic.

This self-inflatable raised air bed which  inflates to  a height of 61cm is the same height as a normal bed  except that it is portable (take it with you when you  are staying over at  friend or family’s houses) and  convenient (always handy to have one of these in case  you have unexpected visitors yourself).

Why go to the bother of making up a guest room or  kicking the kids (or yourselves) out of your room just  to make space for your guests?

If you have an air bed handy, you will find these so  much more easier and convenient to put up, even if you  have unexpected visitors who turn up at the stroke of  midnight.

Taking only 3 minutes to fully inflate at the touch of  a button and 3 minutes to deflate, the Aerobed Premier Raised Double air bed can  be put up and put away for storage quickly and without  any hassle.

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In fact, you might find it harder to get your guests to  wake up!  Many find the Premier Raised Double air bed  to give them a great night’s sleep.

Don’t worry about being too heavy to sleep on one of  these air beds. They can withstand a weight of up to  275 kg.  All Aerobeds are made from heavy duty vinyl  and are puncture resistant.  This means, you won’t find  yourself waking up in the morning lying on the floor  with an air bed that leaked air during the night.

Storing away is simple. Roll the air bed around the  pump and pack it away compactly in its durable carry  bag.

You can machine wash the mattress cover and valance  fitted sheet that comes with the air bed.

The Premier comes with Quadra Coil technology which  ensures that pockets of air are evenly distributed  throughout the inflatable mattress. So you won’t be  rolling or dipping towards the middle when you and your  partner are asleep.  You’ll be able to stretch out and  lie on your side of the bed just as you would on your  normal bed at home.
All of this makes for a very comfortable and soothing night  of rest.

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A hand held remote control unit allows for easy and  flexibility and the ability to inflate and deflate the  the air bed with ease.

The Aerobed Premier Raised Double Air Bed is a generous  size coming in at 188 x 137 x 61 cm and will fit  standard size sheets. It comes with a machine washable  cover and a fitted valance sheet.

Ensure A Healthy Night’s Sleep With Correct Spinal  Alignment

Most people worry that sleeping on air beds isn’t good  for their backs. In fact, the opposite it true.  The  use of Quadra Coil technology in these air beds has  shown to eliminate pressure points and enable a good  spinal alignment when using the bed.

One of the features that seems to get the kids excited  (and the dads) is that you can adjust your comfort  level by using the remote comfort control which  controls the amount of air you have in your mattress.
In this way, you can adjust the firmness of your  inflatable mattress until it is at the right and  comfortable level for your back.

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Whther you are looking for raised airbeds or inflatable mattresses, there is no doubt that having either of these at home is a great help for when extra friends and family are staying over.

You might also want to look at a the Aerobed Platinum Raised King Size air bed for the ultimate in Aerobed inflatable beds luxury.