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Handy Air Beds Help With Extra Guests

Air beds are so handy to have in the house for a spare bed in   case of visitors at the last minute. With Christmas  approaching and the likelihood of friends and family  stopping over for a night or two, it makes sense to have an  inflatable bed handy.  Your visitors get a good night’s  sleep on a comfortable mattress and you get to keep your own bed to yourself  instead of offering it to your visitors!  Mind you, the quality of air beds available these days is excellent and you can get a great night’s sleep on one.

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Air beds take up very little room when boxed up so even  though you might only use this a few times (unless you go  camping), you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the storage  space required by an airbed is very small and you can put it  away in a cupboard whilst it is not in use.

Overall, you need to find a bed that is comfortable, easy to  pump up (takes about 15-30 mins), is easy and quick to let  down and will give a good night’s sleep. Luckily, there are  many different types of airbeds around and it is a matter of  personal preference as to which one you go for: single,  double, raised (which means that instead of having a  mattress that is fairly low to the ground, this is quite a way off the ground,  almost, but not quite the same distance off the  ground as a normal bed). Gelert and Aerobeds are two of the  better known brands but you can get Coleman and Campinggaz brands as well.

Three of the more popular models of air beds are the AeroBed Premier  Raised Double Air Bed, the Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air Bed and the Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed all of which are raised off the floor to the same height as you would get in a normal bed.

They self inflate with a pump in about 3 minutes making them super quick and easy to put up – even if your guests turn up very late at night.

Using an electric airbed pump means you can pump the airbed up relatively quickly from about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on which type of airbed you have. The raised airbeds will take longer to pump up because they require more air as they are larger.