Today’s air beds provide the perfect mix of comfort and convenience making them a clear choice for an extra bed in your home. No longer do you need to devote a whole room to guests when you may not have visitors very often. Instead, reclaim your spare rooms and choose Aerobeds instead. Here are the top reasons to choose Aerobed airbeds for your home.

  • Easy to Use – Aerobeds are easy to use. They come with easy to follow directions that anyone can follow. Simply open up the bed, attach the air pump and turn it on. In less than a few minutes you’ll have a fully inflated airbed that is ready to use. They aren’t heavy so any adult can manage them easily.
  • Comfortable – Aerobeds are the most comfortable type of air mattress you’ll ever sleep on. In fact many people find that they prefer sleeping on their Aerobed instead of their regular bed. Raised Aerobeds come with controls that allow you to adjust the amount of air in the bed. This allows you to inflate the bed to the exact comfort level of choice. Aerobeds are made to provide a healthy sleeping posture.
  • Space Saving – Air beds are so great because they save space in your home. You don’t need to keep a guest room when you have an Aerobed. Double or Single Aerobeds store easily by rolling them and placing them into their protective storage bag making them small and compact. You can easily store them in any size closet. You can keep several of them on hand to set up for unexpected guests.
  • Durable – Aerobeds are made of durable materials that will hold up to years of use. The air beds are very sturdy which you will notice immediately when you unpack them from the box. The heavyweight material is perfect for inflatable beds while still being lightweight enough to be easy to carry and store.
  • Easy Care – Aerobeds are very easy to maintain. They can simply be deflated and rolled back up to be stored until the next use. They are virtually unaffected by spills or stains which can easily be spot cleaned. Aerobeds are nearly indestructible but if they do spring any leaks they can be easily patched using an included patch kit.
  • Clean and Allergen Free – Regular beds can collect dust and dust mites that can actually be problematic for people with allergies. The Aerobed is made of materials that don’t hold onto dust so it is always allergen free and provides a clean sleeping environment. Aerobeds come in standard sizes so that you can use your regular sheets with them.
  • Affordability – Inflatable beds are the most affordable way to provide extra sleeping space. They are much less expensive than purchasing a mattress and box spring set along with a frame. The convenience alone that you get from using them is well worth the cost. Because they last a long time you’ll find that you spend just pennies per use on them.

You’ll find that Aerobeds are so easy and affordable that you can’t afford not to have one. They are great for use as kids inflatable beds and help you to easily put up your adult guests. They are great for college students and for travelling grandparents. Anyone and everyone will love the comfort of sleeping on an Aerobed and they are so easy to store that you can easily keep one in every closet.