Many people look at the price of the typical coil mattress and boxsprings, roll their eyes and want to cry.  At the same time, the same people vow to find a solution that is cheaper, and hopefully much more comfortable, too.
Memory foam mattresses are one option, but there is an even better option in terms of money—airbeds.  Airbeds are easy to maintain, put up and take down so that you have extra room to work in when you need it, and—best of all—fairly cheap.

There are quite a few airbeds on the market now, and some are not worth the effort of buying—in regards to comfort.  On the other hand, there are some, such as the Intex Raised Queen airbed that really are are great quality inflatable beds.  Handy for extra visitors.

For example, buying an airbed off the shelf at your local supermarket or discount store is probably not going to give you a lot of comfort.  Yet, taking the time to go shopping at camping stores or even a high end sporting goods store will give you a better product comparison than at the other two places.

Even better, shopping online at will give you plenty of airbeds choices and you can easily compare different brands and prices. We often find that Amazon has the best prices around a lot of the time and regularly offer FREE shipping on selected items.

However, there are consumers who are in need of beds that will provide them with support for their backs, but still at a good price.  So, the question is—is this possible?  Truthfully, the answer is, it depends on the type of airbed that you purchase.

Some of the airbeds that have been cheaply purchased will come with a pump that you have to pump up and down in order to get the air into the bed itself and that doesn’t insure that it will be very comfortable to sleep on.  Others will be a bit better than that, and have pumps that you will be able to plug into a wall, and get a more even air distribution.
Be willing to spend a bit more for your airbed and look for one that has some type of support system built into it.  Something like a Quadra-Coil system found in the AeroBed range of beds, for example.

When looking into the Quadra-Coil system, it is interesting to note that it ensures a stable, even sleeping surface.   Not only does it do that, the air distribution throughout the airbed remains equal, so there are no floppy corners or sinking middles.

Knowing this for a fact makes one want to climb right on, and test out the AeroBed inflatable beds just to see what they feel like.  Additionally, knowing that these beds will fill up to a nice, thick twenty three centimeters, one knows that there will be plenty of support the body to sleep on.

This leads to another thought—the AeroBed Classic Double is able handle weights of up to 300 kgs.
How many other airbeds are capable of handling that kind of weight?
Checking out the AeroBed Classic Double even further leads one to discover that the ease of setting it up, and taking it down, would make it a breeze to use.  Simply attaching the pump to the opening on the side, and flipping a switch yields full inflation in less than sixty seconds.

For those who want to let a little air out to make their airbed just a bit softer, then simply press a button, and that matter is solved.  Relax, sleep, and then get up and open the valve—fifteen seconds later the bed is deflated.  How simple is that?
People who would like to use the AeroBed classic double as a regular bed can do so, for a few days. We are not sure how long you will be able to sleep on an inflatable bed for and whether long term use of these types of beds, might cause you back problems later on.
However, for a few days, sleeping on an airbed poses no problem at all.
Simply remember that the air in the room in the evening is usually cooler, so the air will expand more in the bed as it fills up.  As it warms up, the air will contract a bit, and the bed will shrink.
So, yes, it is perfectly possible to use an airbed as a regular bed for a few days and still be just as comfortable.  With just a little bit of adjustment, you can really enjoy it, too.