Given a choice, which would you pick as being the best for you?  Sleeping on the floor, or sleeping on an airbed?  Well, sleeping on an airbed, of course!  Who would not want to sleep on something that is infinitely more comfortable than the floor?

Keep in mind that sleeping on an airbed automatically creates a barrier—a soft one—between your body and the ground.  Usually, the ground is not particularly soft, so sleeping on an airbed is definitely the preferred choice for anyone to pick.
For example, if you were going camping, there are several different models of AeroBeds airbeds that you could pick from that would give you support.  One of these is the AeroBed Active Double which is perfect for family camping trips as it can inflate in less than 1 minute and deflate in a super speedy 15 secs.

Another is the AeroBed Explorer Single which has Quadra Coils built into it, and can be used while camping in a number of places.

Airbeds are comfortable and will help you sleep at night, if you buy the right kind, that has built in support in it.  There are plenty out on the market that do not have support that is very good in them—and in the long run, they will not help you sleep as well.
AeroBed has another set of airbeds made for the indoors, of course.  As an example, one to look at would be the AeroBed Platinum Raised With Comfort Zones.  This airbed has built in an air coil system of comfort zones, and inflates to the height of a regular bed.  Due to the air coil system, pressure points are eliminated, so you will sleep quite well.
However, due to the fact that air does expand and contract because of warmth and cold, airbeds can sometimes tend to deflate very slightly overnight, although this is not always the case. Some will do so more than others and the deflation rate will also depend on when you inflated the airbed in the first place.

Filling up an airbed, depending on the model, is not particularly difficult.  Some models have pumps that are automatic, some are pumps that you have to pump yourself—yet others are pumps that you have to charge using your car battery.

When you or your company lies down on the airbed after it has been inflated, it will be quite full.  However, due to the pressure that your bodies create on the bladder that an airbed truthfully is, some deflation will occur.
Deflation does happen in any airbed, no matter what any manufacturer claims.  Pressure from the body or bodies lying on the airbed forces the air to leak out, just a tiny bit, while sleeping.  AeroBeds, the company, does provide a minor repair kit with each of its airbeds, just in case something happens.

The deflation may not be as severe as if there was a rip in the airbed from an animal putting a hole in it, or a pin hole for example.