If you’re looking for a good mattress or bed for guests or for temporary use the best alternative is an inflatable bed.  An Aerobed is the perfect solution for occasional sleeping needs.  Airbeds are better than cots because they are much more comfortable and much easier to use.  An airbed is also much better than sleeping on a sleeper sofa because it is much more comfortable.

In fact inflatable Aerobeds are the premier choice of many people who are looking for a good temporary sleeping alternative.  There are many benefits to choosing an Aerobed for your sleeping needs.

First, the Aerobed is an affordable alternative to traditional mattress sets. In fact Aerobeds are comparable in comfort and support to mattress sets that are very expensive.

Aerobeds are inflatable beds that can be easily transported and set up in an instant.  If you have a temporary living arrangement or flat you can easily use and move an Aerobed.  Aerobeds are inflated in a matter of seconds using the included air pump.  The air pump is a patented product that fits perfectly and inflates the bed in just a few minutes.  The pump then detaches.  Different models offer different air pump styles, each one providing the power necessary to quickly inflate your bed.

Portable & Lightweight Airbeds

When you need a portable bed an Aerobed is the perfect choice.  The air mattress is easy to inflate and deflate.  Once deflated the Aerobed easily rolls up and can be placed into its storage bag.  Then the bed can be easily stored or taken with.  An Aerobed that is in its storage bag doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit into a closet or can be carried in the trunk of your car.  The Aerobed is lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go.

When choosing a good temporary bed consider the way you will be primarily using it.  An Aerobed provides a dependable bed that comes with a warranty of typically 1 to 3 years.  No matter why you need your temporary bed you’ll be glad to know that its durable and is made of high quality materials so it will work well for a long time no matter how often you use it.

Airbeds Are a Great Solution for a Temporary Sleeping Arrangement

Some people need a temporary bed when they move to a new home or when they go to a new flat.  The Aerobed is the perfect choice for a temporary bed because it can be used on a daily basis.  It is durable yet provides you with a very comfortable night’s sleep.  Sleeping on an Aerobed is better and more comfortable than sleeping on a futon or sleeper sofa.

Even a temporary bed can cause back pain or problems if the bed does not provide good support.  Many types of temporary beds just don’t give your spine the support it needs.  The Aerobed gives your back the support it needs to stay pain-free and healthy.  In fact many people who have had back pain in the past find that they can alleviate the pain simply by sleeping on an Aerobed mattress.