Which would be better for you to do for a night or two, sleeping on a floor, ouch, or sleeping on an inflatable bed, you ask? Of course the answer to that is sleeping on the inflatable bed, otherwise known as an airbed, hands down.
Some people really do like the feeling of sleeping on the ground, especially when they are camping, but in truth, it really is not that great for your back.  Even using sleeping bag inside a tent will still feel rough and hard for your body to sleep on.

Airbeds Give Your Back Better Support & Protection Than A Hard Floor

Consider what your back is made up of—all those bones, the vertebrae.
Toss in the fluid that fills the spinal cord, and the nerves that go up and down your back, too.  There is a lot of potential for things to go wrong with your back by sleeping on the floor or the ground.
Many inflatable air beds or inflatable mattresses, blow up beds, self-inflating beds, call them what you will – now come with some type of coil system to them, so that consumers do not immediately sink right down onto the ground.  And, even better, their back is protected.
Some airbeds simply have rope coils, while others have chambers of air to provide pockets of support.  Still other models have other types of coil supports that are even stronger than the rope coils, and provide the consumer with the ability to not roll during their sleep.

Lots of Choice When It Comes to Airbeds Brands
There are many different brands are on the market now in terms of airbeds:

  • Coleman


just to name a few.  Shopping around is the best way to find out which airbed has exactly what you want in terms of comfort.

Going to different stores to check out the airbeds is a great idea.  Look to see if there is one set up on display.  Ask the salesperson what they know about it, and what information that they can give you.
Of course, you don’t have to buy the airbed right then and there and don’t buy the first one that you see or try out, either.  Take the time to shop around.  Go to camping stores, supply stores, even major discount stores to see what you can find before you decide to buy an airbed.
After you have taken the time to find out all you can about the different models available to you, and that fit into your price point, then decide how comfortable you want to be on the airbed.
Do you have a bad back and really have to have an airbed that has a terrific support system to it?  If so, then you might want to check out the AeroBed Explorer, because it has the Quadra Coils built into it.  Those Quadra Coils provide lots of extra support, and prevent the sleeper from rolling around in their sleep, as well.
Will you be using the airbed regularly?  For example, are you the social hub in your group of friends or family and have lots of people staying over on a regular basis?

Don’t Go Camping Without Your Airbeds

Is the airbed something that you will only be getting out to go camping with a lot?

How much are you willing to spend on it?
Don’t forget the kids, either.  Should you need to put the kids on a bed, instead of on the floor, there are a great range of inflatable kids beds available that kids will absolutely love.

If you want something more safe for younger children perhaps then you’ll be needing something like a kids travel bed with sides.  This will prevent the children from rolling out in the middle of the night and hurting themselves.
Other brands such as Intex don’t offer the same type of support in their airbeds.  They speak of a fourteen, fifteen or even sixteen gauge chamber.  These chambers are filled with air, like pockets, but if a hole develops in one of them, then that area will sag, and not support you.

When looking for a quality airbed for your family, you can already see that there is a lot of choice around and you will be able to find the right airbed at the right price.

The days of sleeping on the floor should be banished forever!

Do Away With Flimsy Sleeping Bags & Get A Decent Camping Airbed Instead

Also, airbeds are perfect for camping trips. Do away with flimsy, no-support sleeping beds and grab yourself a few lightweight and portable airbeds to take on your camping trip.

When you are going on your first camping trip, it is hard to know what to take.  That is, unless you can find a detailed list somewhere—and of course, that list will vary from place to place.
Something else to consider when making that list of what stuff you will need to go camping with is not only where you are camping at, but who you are camping with.  In other words, are you going out to the great outdoors with someone who does not understand what roughing it means?
Additionally, are you taking a bunch of kids with you?  What are their ages?  Teenagers are one thing, because they can be semi-helpful.  Little ones on the other hand are not so helpful because they have to be watched.  You don’t want them stepping into a fire pit with the fire going.
Let’s focus on a basic list for those who like to semi-rough it when camping.  In other words, they like to see the stars, but still like to use electric hook-ups and other modern conveniences, too but not a lot of them.
Looking for a place with an electricity supply is not something that those who like to “rough-it” prefer.  But, for those of us who would prefer to have some type of comfort under the stars, access to a main socket is really needed.
Speaking of exceptions to the rule for electric hook-ups, one that comes to mind is the AeroBed Extreme Outdoor Mattress.  Not only does it inflate up to twenty five centimeters, which is more than most, but its pump can recharge off of your car battery.

First, let’s start with a tent—preferably a cabin-type, stakes, tarps, cooking unit (grill), cooking and eating utensils, airbeds, pillows, covers.   Don’t forget plates of some sort, and something to drink out of.  Don’t forget a cooler for food, ice, cooking spray for the grill, cooking pans, as well as bug spray, cell phone and a first aid kit.
Sure, a lot of that list is common sense stuff.  But, let’s talk about the comfort items—particularly the airbed, and where it is going to go.  Add on the bedspread or duvet for warmth, and some decent pillows, and you will sleep.
Most people don’t consider an airbed a necessity for a camping trip, especially a first camping trip.  However, in reality, it is.  In order to be well-rested, and to avoid sore muscles, one needs a good night’s sleep—and on the proper airbed, this is possible.

Should you decide you want to take your family to a really cold spot, then there will be no problem with the AeroBed Extreme Outdoor Mattress inflating and deflating.  It takes about ninety seconds to inflate and thirty seconds to deflate.
Purchasing the tent can be confusing at best.  Take into consideration how many people will be using the tent, the use of the airbeds such as the AeroBed Extreme Outdoor Mattress, and how much of your own personal equipment you intend to store in them.
Considering that information, you may choose to purchase several cabin style tents, or even something different.  Look around, and don’t let the salesperson lead you to the highest price one right away.  If there are display models available, get in them, and try them out.
When buying plates, cups and silverware, buy the type that will be easily rinsed off well, and stored easily.  Remember, you want to leave your surroundings as nice as you found them so you don’t litter.
Cooking equipment such as a grill should also be on your list—you do not need to go out and buy a fancy grill.  Something simple that can go over the firepit, and hold your food evenly will do just fine.
Remember, the things that you will need on your camping trip are just simply common sense.  However, if you are not sure, please ask.