There has been a question tossed around by quite a few people, about whether or not inflatable beds can be used as a regular bed—that is, used daily.  If so, what would be the disadvantages of doing so?

Some people say yes, we can use an inflatable bed on a daily basis, and others argue that we cannot.  There are different lines of reasoning for the pros and cons, both of which make sense.

Think this out though.  The body, when it lies down, creates different points that are filled with pressure.  Regular mattresses do not have the capability to handle those pressure points at all.

Memory foam mattresses on the other hand will provide consumers with a spot that the body can sink into and put the pressure points against without any pain at all.

However, there are inflatable mattresses such as the AeroBed Platinum Raised with Comfort Zones that will aid you in sleeping comfortably, even on an inflatable air mattress.
Some of the inflatable airbeds, when not properly inflated, will make you feel as if you are being swallowed up or something similar.  In the process, your body, especially your back and neck will not get the support that it so badly needs.

However, some of the different airbeds do have coil systems built into them.  Aerobed’s Explorer as an example, has the Quadra Coil system built into it for extra comfort.  Lying down on top of the Quadra Coils gives one the support for your back and neck that you would expect out of a memory foam mattress.

On the downside of the airbeds however, they do deflate a little bit overnight.  Part of that has to do with the temperature of the air when the bed was inflated—because of the way air contracts and expands.
For example, should you the consumer, fill the AeroBed Explorer during the daytime while the air is still warmer, then the likelihood of the bed deflating—a little bit—overnight becomes higher.  Just like a balloon, it will shrink as the air warms up.

Ensuring that the airbed is properly inflated and deflated, on a regular basis, every day, will help consumers to get the proper amount of support that they require.  This is especially true when talking about airbeds such as the AeroBed Explorer and AeroBed Platinum.

Possibly putting your back and neck out of line because you don’t have enough support underneath them is a real possibility if you don’t choose a good quality airbed.  Cheap ones may save you money at the time of purchase, but in the long run, they will not.
Consider using the airbed every once in a while, but not on a daily basis.  Unless, of course you get one like the AeroBed Explorer, and are willing to inflate it and deflate every day…