Yes, some people actually do though it probably is not recommended to use these inflatable beds as a permanent sleeping solution.

Many people use an Aerobed as a temporary solution only to discover how great it is as their regular bed.  They then decide to keep using their Aerobed and simply don’t go back to their regular traditional bed for a while. Of course, over time, the inflatable mattress will deflate slowly and will need to be inflated again.

Why do so many people want to leave their old beds for the Aerobed?  The short answer is comfort.

The Aerobed is by far one of the most comfortable beds you can find – of any type.  The Aerobed is an
inflatable bed that comes in a variety of styles and sizes to suit anyone’s needs.  Many people use the Aerobed as a guest bed when they have unexpected company.  The Aerobed is a huge comfort improvement over the futon, sleeper sofa, floor or sleeping bag. In fact self-inflating beds are so comfortable that many people that sleep on them for the first time, perhaps at a friend’s house whilst staying over the night, want to go home and purchase one for themselves. They are a useful item to have spare in the house in case of any last minute weekenders.

Its not just the Aerobed range of airbeds that are so comfortable but also many other leading and well-known brands such as Intex and Coleman too. When it comes to Aerobed airbeds, you can easily customize the level of firmness or support that you get with the bed.

You can inflate the bed to a firmness that you like the best.  Many models also come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the firmness with a simple touch control.  You can adjust the comfort level while you’re in the bed until you find the exact level that you prefer.  The Aerobed is a much more affordable option to the expensive air control beds that you may have seen advertised.

Aerobeds make a great choice for regular sleeping.  They are easy to set up and take down when needed.  They are perfect for taking with you on a trip, to visit friends or even when you move.  The Aerobed is an easy alternative to a bulky traditional mattress and box spring combination that quickly wear out.  Aerobeds are great for your back.  They provide the spinal support that doctors recommend while sleeping.

Proper back support helps you to reduce or completely eliminate back pain.  Even some people who have suffered from chronic back problems have found that the Aerobed gives them the support they need to get rid of their pain forever.  The key to helping your back problems lies in the support of your spine while sleeping.  Most traditional mattresses just don’t give you the support that your back needs.

Most people have long ago forgotten what it’s like to get a real night’s sleep.  Discomfort makes us toss and turn while we search in our sleep for a position that will keep us feeling good.  The Aerobed gives you that comfort simply and easily.  Once you sleep on an Aerobed you won’t want to go back to your old mattress. You’ll wake up refreshed and renewed. That’s why many people actually do give up their traditional bed sets in favour of sleeping on an Aerobed on a regular basis.

For little toddlers there are many great alternatives for inflatable beds for kids such as character themed beds for kids or safe travel beds with sides to ensure that very young children stay snug and inside their beds instead of toppling out.

Generally speaking, many people who experience sleeping on an airbed for the time time are amazed by how comfortable and supportive the inflatable mattresses of today are. And whilst many sleep soundly like a baby, it is only a temporary sleeping solution and over time will not offer your back as much support as a conventional bed.

For this reason alone, you should never really use air beds in the place of your everyday bed.