Airbeds are a great convenience and provide the perfect extra bed for guests and family members.  It is important to properly maintain your air bed so that it will continue to work perfectly for you for years to come.  There is nothing worse than setting up your airbed at the end of a long day and discovering that it isn’t working properly.  You can help your air bed give you years of solid service by following just a few important tips.

It is important to remember to treat your inflatable mattress with care.  This starts by adding the proper amount of air to the bed when you inflate it. An improperly inflated airbed puts undue stress on the seams over extended use.  The inflation pump that comes with your Aerobed is easy to use and will inflate your bed quickly and properly.

Be Gentle With Your Air Beds

Air beds are made using very strong and extremely durable materials however, they can get leaks if not properly cared for.  Avoid using sharp objects near the inflatable mattress.  Likewise keep pets off the airbed to avoid their sharp nails from poking the mattress.  Don’t let children use the air bed as a trampoline.  And also remember that jumping on airbeds can also be dangerous for small children in case they bounce off and hit their head against the floor.

Kids air beds are not as durable as airbeds for adults, so extra care must be taken to ensure that children do not jump onto them or jab them with sharp objects which might result in a tear in the material.

When using your blow up bed always use bed sheets on them.  The sheets help to protect the mattress from getting dirty.  Choose sheets that fit the bed properly.  Most inflatable air beds come in standard mattress sizes so you can use regular sheets on them.  A mattress pad or protector is also helpful to use on your airbed for added protection.  If you use your air mattress outdoors always place a protective pad underneath it to prevent sticks or rocks from poking into it.

Always allow your airbed to air out before deflating it and putting it away.  If your airbed is made of PVC you can clean it using a damp cloth and mild detergent.  Clean off any spots that occur immediately. If your bed has a flocked or cotton surface you must spot clean it only.  Always read the cleaning instructions for your specific type of airbed.  When you purchase the bed always keep the instructions with the product or file them in a safe place so that you can refer to them later.  If you do clean the air bed make sure that you let it dry off completely before putting it away.

Air Beds Leaks Can Be Repaired

If your airbed does spring a leak don’t worry.  Most small leaks can be easily repaired.  Your air bed came with a repair kit for just such a situation.  Follow the directions for putting on the patch and you’ll find that patches hold up very well and will extend the life of your airbed.

Sometimes putting your airbed away can be tricky.  In order to fit the airbed back into the protective sleeve you must be sure to deflate the airbed completely before you try to roll it up.  If you try to force the air out too quickly you can cause stress on the airbed.  Once all the air is out you can more easily fold the bed in half and then roll it as you would roll a sleeping bag.  It’s usually best to roll the airbed rather than folding it.  Folding the airbed can make the plastic stretched in areas, especially if it’s folded for an extended period of time.  Always put your rolled up airbed back into its cover to further protect it from damage.  If you don’t have a cover you can use a laundry or duffel bag for storage.

When storing your airbed keep it away from direct sunlight and excess heat and cold.  Heat can be especially damaging to the plastic causing it to soften and become misshapen.  The best and easiest place to store your airbed is in the closet.  When you follow these easy guidelines your airbed will last you for years and years to come.