Airbeds are popular not only for occasional use for guests but also for use as a regular daily bed.  While most airbeds are sturdy they can occasionally spring a leak.  Aerobeds airbeds are designed using high quality materials that reduce the chance for problems.  However, your airbed can get a leak or puncture.  If your airbed does get a leak don’t worry.  Most leaks can be easily patched.  In fact often the patch will hold up for years to come.

The first sign of a leak in your airbed is often a slow deflation.  Most leaks are small and you may not notice any air coming out until you actually sleep on the bed.  The pressure from your weight will force air out of the tiny hole while you sleep.  If you think your airbed has a leak start by testing the bed.  Remove all the sheets and blankets from your bed.  Use your air pump to inflate the bed again taking care not to over-inflate.

Once the bed is fully inflated you can start to look for the leak.  Make sure that you turn off all the noise in the room. Larger leaks may be easy to find since you will often hear the air escaping from the bed.  Try pushing on the mattress as you listen for air coming out.  You can also try rubbing your hand over the mattress bit by bit as you feel for a small dimple where the hole may be located.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a very tiny leak.

If you are having trouble locating the leak you can try another method.  Place a small amount of soapy liquid onto the mattress.  You will see the bubbles come up where the air leak is located.  Another alternate method is to put a very thin piece of plastic or material onto the airbed and see where the air is pushing the material up.  Once you locate the leak it is an easy matter to correct the problem.

Many airbeds, such as the Aerobed, come with a small patch kit.  The patch kit contains a simple way to patch small holes or rips in your airbed.  The kit contains a small piece of plastic patch material.  To apply the patch to the air mattress first deflate the mattress completely.  Make sure that the area to be patched is dry and clean. Then follow the directions to apply the patch.  Let the patch adhere completely before re-inflating the mattress.

If you don’t have a patch kit you can get one from a local hardware supply store. They will often have universal patch kits that are made for patching plastic products.  These kits will work well with your air mattress. The biggest mistake that people make when patching an air mattress is not letting the patch adhere to the mattress long enough before inflating it.  Whenever possible try to allow it to adhere overnight before adding air to the mattress again.

Many times you will find that the patched area holds up extremely well to continued use.  In fact you may see that the mattress performs as good as new once it is patched properly.  A good patch will hold up to years of continued use.