Inflatable airbeds can be great for everyday use although these beds are not intended to be used everyday and are definintely not to be used in place of your normal, everyday bed.

The key to finding good quality and lasting airbeds that will be easy to inflate, deflate and store away as well as giving you a relaxing night’s sleep, is to go for a quality brand such as Aerobed or Intex.

Choose an airbed that is well made and that is known to perform well over the long-term.  Not all airbeds are created equal.  Some are made of inferior materials that won’t hold up for the long-term.  Choose a brand name airbed that you can trust such as Aerobed.

Airbeds Can Be More Comfortable Than Your Own Bed

Many people find that airbeds are actually more comfortable than their old mattress.  For this reason some people who sleep on a quality airbed for one night, such as those from Aerobed, will find that they slept extremely well.

The Aerobed provides an extremely comfortable night’s sleep.   While many people may think that sleeping on an air mattress doesn’t sound comfortable when you sleep on an Aerobed mattress it is actually one of the most comfortable beds you can get.

The Aerobed comes in several different styles.  One of the more popular ones in its collection is the Raised Double Aerobed.  The Raised Aerobed is a higher style air mattress that has a height similar to that of a traditional mattress set.  This makes sleeping on it easy and restful. On the other hand, if you prefer an inflatable mattress that is closer to the ground, you might like the Aerobed classic double airbed which has a mattress that is low to the ground making it better for occasional use only.

There is no good reason why you can’t use inflatable beds on a daily basis although it isn’t really recommended that you do so. Although these good quality airbeds do provide good support for your back when used for a few nights, the manufacturer does not mention anywhere that these airbeds are for use on a daily basis.

While the Aerobed properly aligns your spine when you sleep on it, giving it the exact support that it needs.  This alignment will help reduce any stress that your back may have been incurring and actually can help reduce or alleviate altogether chronic or intermittent back pain you may have been experiencing.  Your old traditional mattress is often too soft or worn out to provide the level of support that your back needs. However, it is believed that over time and for extended use, your back may not get the proper support, if you were to use the airbeds on a daily basis.

In fact in many instances the Aerobed is much more comfortable than your standard traditional mattress.  One of the reasons for this extreme comfort is the ability to create the exact level of firmness that you desire.  Everyone prefers a certain level or softness or hardness to their mattress for peak comfort.

Short term use could range from 1 day to about 5 days. You can keep airbeds inflated and use them just as you would your regular mattress set.  They are easier to use and keep clean than traditional mattresses and are recommended for people with allergies.  Allergens can accumulate in traditional mattresses causing allergies to increase.  Traditional mattresses can’t be easily cleaned so it’s hard to get rid of dust mites and other allergens once they accumulate in your mattress.  An Aerobed, on the other hand, is free from allergens.  It does not accumulate dust and other potential allergens.  The surface can be easily cleaned with simply a damp cloth.

Aerobeds are also great for small apartments or flats especially when you have extra people staying over and do not have a spare bedroom for guests.  Use one in your studio apartment to create a place to sleep in an instant.  Aerobeds inflate in a matter of a few seconds.  They can also be deflated quickly for easy storage.  The Aerobed simply rolls up and is put into its own storage bag.  When you move the Aerobed can easily go with you.  Traditional mattresses require help moving them along with a large truck for transport. The Aerobed can just be deflated and carried easily in its own storage bag.