The Intex Raised Queen airbed is one of the more popular of types of  air mattress beds from Intex.  It is great for putting guests up with, or for you to sleep on if you are staying away from home overnight.

Experience a comfortable and relaxing night of sleep  at a reasonable price too on an Intex air mattress.

What makes the Intex Raised Queen Airbed  very versatile and easy to use is that it is a raised inflatable  bed that can accomodate 2 adults easily. So you won’t get that low on-the-floor  mattress feel whilst you are sleeping.  Being elevated off the ground makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed whilst also feeling just like a regular bed.

Intex Queen Has a Built-In Airpump

Save your own breath and use the built-in electric  pump to get this bed up and inflated in minutes.
You won’t experience any of that “bouncy castle”  wobble with this air bed either because it has  additional stability in both the top and bottom  layers.  This means, you sleep soundly, firmly and  comfortably, drifting off to a sweet slumber instead  of bobbing up and down like a boat!

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Many satisfied customers liked the lightness and  portability of this airbed which makes it easy to  take with you if you are going to stay overnight  somewhere away from home.

Others rave about its firmness, easy of inflating  and deflating and found it to be very handy to have  for overnight guests.

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