Looking around for different types of solutions for sleeping arrangements with little available room? And company is coming soon?  Why not try inflatable airbeds?  There are quite a few different brands, and an airbed is far more comfortable than a sleeping bag, or even a hide-a-bed.
How easy is it to store a memory foam bed in a closet versus an airbed in a bag?  Sure, a memory foam bed is comfortable, but they take up a lot of room, are clunky, and don’t always fit the company that is coming over.

Add to the fact that the airbeds are easy to maneuver, store, inflate in minutes, and take little time to put together.  If you haven’t been on one lately, airbeds have actually become quite comfortable, too—so comfortable, it’s like being in a regular bed.

Pick the area you want to use, turn on the pump, and there you go! The airbed is ready to go.  Then, when it is time to put it away, depending on the model, you usually pop open the valve, and the airbed deflates in just a couple of minutes.  Put the airbed in its storage unit or bag, and you are good to go.

True, there is any number of airbeds on the market, but if you want to truly impress your guests, an AeroBed Platinum would be the perfect solution.  Of course, your guests don’t want to know how much you paid for it, but the comfort level is what will definitely pull them in.
Climbing onto a bed that inflates up to twenty three centimeters—about ten inches—thick, the AeroBed Platinum makes those that sleep on it extremely comfortable.  For those that want to adjust their bed for more or less stiffness, there is even a button to press to be able to do so.

Being made of materials that are completely free of PVCs is something that can be important especially for those who are very allergy prone.  Hook up a pump to the AeroBed Platinum that is capable of inflating it within sixty seconds—and your time to set up your company’s sleep area is reduced dramatically.

For those guests that tend to be allergy prone, you can easily wipe off the AeroBed Platinum first before covering it up.  Simply covering up with a cotton cover will also help, too.
Comfort levels for sleeping are also helped out by the quadra-coils that are built into the AeroBed Platinum.  There are a couple of reasons for the quadra-coils.
One is to provide a more stable sleeping surface for the company to crash on.  Another is to make sure that the posture your guests have while sleeping is wonderful, and they wake up feeling terrific.
Additionally, the AeroBed Platinum has been tested to handle up to two hundred ninety five kilograms (six hundred fifty pounds) of weight.  So, even if your guests that are coming to visit are on the larger side, you can rest assured that they will be sleeping in comfort.

Throw on a duvet or bedspread of your choice, some pillows, and you have an instant bedroom that wasn’t even there.  There will be comfort that your guests will love, and they will wonder where you got the extra bed from.
So, when deciding whether or not to use an airbed for a temporary guest bed, the answer is undeniably yes—for many reasons.  Better yet, an AeroBed Platinum will be the best choice for anyone to pick out of all the airbeds available.

Depending on how much you want to spend and whether you want raised airbeds (which have the same height as an everyday bed) or mattress type airbeds (which are closer to the floor)  or single airbeds or double airbeds, the choice is vast and we recommend you look around before you buy the right airbed for your needs.