Today’s air beds from Aerobed are feature rich and comfortable.  You’ll find that Aerobeds come complete with multiple features that are designed to provide you or your guests with a great night’s sleep.  There are three main categories of Aerobeds to choose from.  These include air mattress style, raised style and outdoor style.

The Basic Aerobed Mattress

The basic Aerobed air mattress is far superior to the blow-up air mattresses you may remember from your youth.  Even the most basic of Aerobed styles come with many advanced features that will help to give you a comfortable rest.

Aerobed air pumps are advanced air pumps that allow you to inflate your air bed within seconds or minutes.  You’ll never need to use your own air to inflate the Aerobed!

The Raised Aerobed

The raised Aerobed is a taller style air mattress that looks and feels most similar to your own mattress on your bed.  The raised mattress has two connected pieces that help to provide added sleeping comfort.  With any style airbed you place the airbed directly on the floor for use.  This eliminates the need to have spare beds in your rooms.  Imagine being able to use your spare room for whatever you like – a home office or sewing room – and then convert it easily to a guest bedroom using an Aerobed.

Aerobeds come in several designs.  There are classic, premier and platinum versions of many of the styles of air beds.  All styles come with an air pump for easy and quick inflation. The main differences between the versions are the amount of features that are added to the unit.  Classic Aerobeds are typically a simple design that is most often used for occasional use.  The airbed inflates quickly by using the air pump, which is most often plugged into an electrical outlet. These also come with a poly-cotton mattress cover and a one-year warranty.

Premier version air beds come with air pumps that allow you to customize the air in the bed to provide you with adjustable firmness.  This is great for guests who prefer to choose their own firmness level to match what they are used to.  The air pumps are rechargeable allowing you to inflate the bed no matter where you are. The premier versions also come with a longer warranty period of 3 years.

Premium air bed styles use air pumps that are further enhanced to include remote operation including remote deflation capability.  The mattress cover on premium styles is made of 100% cotton to provide more comfort.  Additionally the premier styles come with a 5-year warranty.

Air Bed Pumps

In general the air pumps used with Aerobeds are superior quality and very reliable.  The airbeds are made using recessed air fill valves to ensure that they do not interfere with comfort.  If you aren’t familiar with the Aerobed air pump you’ll certainly be impressed the first time you use it.  You’ll find that the pump quickly and easily inflates the air mattress in a matter of seconds.

Airbeds come in standard sizes so that regular sheet sets can be used with them.  It’s great to keep a few air beds on hand so you can easily accommodate your overnight guests.  All Aerobeds help to ensure a good sleeping posture.  Your guests may tell you that the bed was even more comfortable than the one they usually sleep on!  Aerobeds roll up for easy storage in their own bags that you can conveniently store in the closet when not in use.

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