Airbeds are a great temporary sleeping solution for many occasions from family birthday or anniversary gatherings, to kids’ sleepovers, Christmas and other times when lots of your friends or family members will get together.

Instead of turning your sofas and floor space into uncomfortable sleeping areas, inflatable airbeds allow you to quickly and easily put together a comfortable sleeping arrangement for your extra guests.

They get a blissful and soothing night’s sleep and your house doesn’t look like a complete mess.  Airbeds deflate and inflate quickly and can be stored away out of sight in a snug carry case that doesn’t take up too much space.

Airbeds come in several styles that are best for different purposes.  If you are looking for a temporary air mattress that you will use occasionally opt for an Intex airbed, these are simple in design and very affordable too.

The Aerobed range of airbeds has a bigger selection of airbeds such as the Aerobed Classic Double which looks like  the standard mattresses that are low to the ground.  The main advantage to using an Aerobed is that it comes with a special pump that inflates the Aerobed in just under a few minutes.

Classic Aerobeds are great for sleepovers and for impromptu get-togethers.  You can easily fit several or more of them in your family room or den when you need to accommodate some unexpected guests. These Aerobed Classic airbeds  are also great for dorm rooms or for sleepovers.  Keep one on hand in your college room for those times you have extra guests.

Airbeds are perfectly portable and lightweight which makes them easy to transport  and carry with you in your vehicle.  If you ever need to use it you’ll have it on hand.  You can bring it with when you travel to a friend’s home and will always have a place to stay on their floor using your air mattress.  Stay on your air mattress after a late night out or after going to a party.  Self-inflating airbeds give you  a comfortable night’s sleep no matter where you are.

Families love Aerobeds, too.  You won’t need to keep a whole room devoted to guests when you have Aerobeds.  They are a cheap and quick alternative to having a spare room, complete with normal bed, just for guests.

Choose an Aerobed style that provides you with the temporary bed that you need to make your guests comfortable.  Typically the best style for occasional guests is the Raised Aerobed.  The Raised Aerobed is styled much the same as a traditional bed with the height being comparable to that of your regular mattress and box spring combination.  This height is easiest for people of all ages to get in and out of.

If you have kids you know that they love to have sleepovers.  There is a style of  airbeds for kids that are designed so that your child can take these to sleepovers and won’t need anything else, no duvet or pillow required because these are all built in to the Ready Beds.

Many people still tend to use sleeping bags if they are going over to stay at someone’s house and for many children on sleepovers, the sleeping bag was deemed the perfect solution because of its lightweight. However, airbeds have come a long way in the last 5 years especially and you will find that the newer style of airbeds, especially for children are super light and easy to carry, even for little hands.

If you have ever slept in a sleeping bag you will appreciate that it really doesn’t offer much in the way of cushioning you from the hard floor. An airbed is a better choice than a regular sleeping bag because the sleeping bag doesn’t provide any support for the back.  Tots and small children can use airbeds for kids which are perfect to take on holiday too.

Air mattresses are especially good for taking on camping trips.  There are special airbeds that are made for outdoor use.  These beds are made of a more durable and thicker material so they can withstand more rugged use.  There are several styles of Outdoor Aerobeds to pick from including a style that is designed to be rugged yet lightweight for use in backpacking.