People have long kept spare bedrooms for guests that visit for an overnight stay.  Inflatable beds are the best solution to the modern lifestyle.

Today you can use extra rooms in more functional ways that allow you access to the space until you have overnight guests.  When guests arrive you simply need to inflate the bed, add some clean sheets and your room is instantly transformed into an overnight haven.  The inflatable airbeds are the perfect choice to help transform your room into a guest room that people will envy.

There are many inflatable beds to choose from but when looking for a good choice for your guest room the Aerobed range of airbeds is among the top picks.  Aerobeds are well known for their comfort and durability, two features that are important in choosing guest beds.  In the past people have used pull-out sofa beds, also called convertible sleepers, however these can be quite uncomfortable.  In fact many people have found that the sleeper sofa is not comfortable as either a bed or a sofa, making it a poor choice in the long run.

Airbeds are temporary sleeping solution and come in the form of an inflatable mattress or blow-up bed that you can easily store in a closet until it is needed.

Most airbeds are easy to inflate and comes with their own pump that allows you to inflate the bed in a matter of just a few minutes.  Airbeds are so versatile and come is handy especially if you entertain a lot and tend to have many overnight guests. They are also a great way of accomodating far flung family and friends who come to visit you for special get togethers at Christmas time, for instance.

When looking for airbeds, remember that they come in different sizes so you can get a few of them for use throughout the home.  For example you can choose the Ready Beds for kids for use in your children’s rooms for when they have a friend sleep overnight.  Keep a few of the twin size (single person size) on hand for sleepovers.  They can easily be inflated as needed for use in the TV room or den.

Aerobeds come in a variety of styles and sizes.  You can choose the one that is best for your particular situation.  For general guestroom use the Premier Raised Aerobed is the best choice.  These beds have two joined sections that make the bed rise almost the same as a traditional bed.  This is a good all-around choice because some older individuals may have trouble getting in and out of inflatable beds that sit close to the floor.  The Raised Aerobed makes a perfect choice when you want to provide your guests with a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience.

Aerobeds provide a good night’s sleep because they are some of the most comfortable beds of any type that you’ll find.  Aerobeds are inflated beds that give you the back support that you need exactly where you need it most.  The bed comes with a remote inflation comfort control that lets you easily adjust the feel of the mattress to your own preference with just a touch of the hand.   In fact many people are so impressed with the wonderful night’s sleep they get on an Aerobed that they use it as their everyday sleeping mattress.

The Raised Aerobed is not only comfortable but is also very easy to use.  Keep it rolled up and tucked away in its special case that allows it to fit into any closet.  The Aerobed is made of premium materials making it durable yet comfortable. The Raised Aerobed comes with a washable fleece cover and uses standard sized bed sheets.  There is a 3-year warranty on the Raised Aerobed ensuring that you’ll have a bed you can count on for years to come.

If you prefer something as comfortable but a little cheaper, then opt for the mattress type of airbeds, which are closer to the ground such as the Aerobed Classic Double airbed.

With so much variety around for the choice of airbed, you will easily be able to find the right airbed, at a price that is affordable for you and still be able to put up your guests with ease.