Well, the age-old problem has presented itself—company is coming.  You don’t have a place for them to sleep, and a sleeping bag on the floor won’t do.  That means it is time to go shopping for an airbed.
Where on earth do you begin to look at?  How do you know what to look for?  There are a lot of different airbeds to choose from, that much is true.  Heaven knows, you don’t want your company to wake up on the floor in the morning.
First things first, determine how many people are going to be coming, so that you know what you need to buy.  In other words, will you need to buy a twin, double or a queen?

Next, is your company only going to be staying for a night or two?  If so, are you willing to spend a lot of money on an airbed that you may only use once or twice?  Or, are you going to be having company on a regular basis?
Let’s assume that you are going to have company on a regular basis, so you want an airbed that is not going to fall apart on its first use.  Also, assuming that your company will spend more than a night or two, you will definitely want something comfortable.
There are the companies that make the regular beds, such as Serta and Simmons that make airbeds.  Those airbeds are well made, but their guarantees are not as long as that of some other companies, and their support systems not as well built, either.

Different brands have channel systems for support, or even beam systems.  Once the airbed is inflated the channel or beam area itself can become deflated, creating a deflated pocket.  This deflated pocket will make the airbed sink in that area, causing the sleeper discomfort at night.

Discomfort at night is what you are trying to avoid, so perhaps checking out the airbeds at the  Amazon.co.uk  is a good idea.  There are a number of different options that you can pick from, and if you want, some that you would even be able to take camping with you.
AeroBed models have different types of coil supports built into them that fit underneath one’s body.  Even better, the various models have guarantees of up to five years.

For example, there is the AeroBed Platinum Raised AirBed with Comfort Zone Air Coils.  It has a five year guarantee to it, and looks just like a regular bed when inflated—in less than three minutes.  Deflating it is just as quick, and storage is simple—roll it up around the pump, and put it in a handy bag.
Of course, if you would like to use the airbed for a double purpose, such as company and camping, there options such as the AeroBed Active, Explorer, Extreme and Evergreen.  All of them have some type of coil support in them, which will provide the consumer with better support while sleeping.

If you have children staying over you will want to check out the range of inflatable beds for kids.

All four of the AeroBed camping airbeds have at least a two year guarantee on them as well, although the Explorer actually has a five year guarantee.  In addition to that the Extreme model has rope coils built into, because it is made to deal with weather extremes, and the Explorer has the Quadra Coils built into for lots of extra comfort.

So, in the long run, one of the best bets is an AeroBed, although Gelert and Campingaz have a good range of inflatable beds too.  There are a wide variety of models to choose from, although some of the camping models might end up being your best bet because of the built in coils.