Keeping Spare Air Beds

Many people enjoy having guests but few have the space to devote to keeping a spare bedroom for only the occasional visitor.  Instead why not use the room as you like and get an airbed?  An air bed is the perfect solution to having overnight company.

Today’s airbed comes in many sizes and designs.  There are Aerobed airbeds to suit anyone’s needs and budget.  Aerobeds are filled with comfort and ease features that make using them a breeze.  The airbeds take up very little room when stored.  They simply roll up and fit into a storage bag keeping them secure.

Accomodate Your Guests Without Giving Up Your Bed

There is no need to give up the space in your room to a fulltime bed when you can easily use an airbed whenever necessary.  They are so simple to use that anyone can do it.  The Aerobed comes with its own air pump that inflates the airbed in a matter of seconds.  The air pump is easy to use – simply attach it to the special permanent valve in the air mattress and turn it on.

Aerobeds provide the perfect extra bed for guests of all types.  The kids will enjoy having their friends sleep over when you keep a spare Aerobed or two in their closets.  Twin size air beds don’t take up much room when inflated and can easily be moved around.  You can inflate them just before bedtime and then they can be quickly deflated in the morning to get them out of the way. Aerobeds are made of durable materials so that they will stand up to repeated use.  They will fit regular size bed linens so there is no need to purchase any extra sheets.

Raised Air Beds Even Better Than Normal Beds

Adults enjoy the comfort of raised air beds.  Raised Aerobeds are the perfect choice for long term sleeping arrangements.  Raised air beds sit higher off the ground than standard air mattresses providing a very similar feel to that of a standard mattress and box spring set.  The Aerobed is designed to provide a stable and healthy sleep posture that is every bit as comfortable (or even more so) than sleeping in your regular bed.  Raised airbeds are great for older adults who may have trouble getting in and out of a lower inflatable mattress type of airbed.  Kids airbeds, especially the range of Ready Beds for Kids, are fantastic, no-hassle and versatile options for sleepovers or when visiting others and you want a comfortable temporary portable bed for your children.

You’ll be able to reclaim your spare room and use it for your office, den, reading room, craft room or whatever you desire.  The inflatable beds can easily fit in a small space so you’ll likely not need to move around any furniture to make space for them.  In fact you can fit several airbeds into small spaces allowing you to accommodate more overnight guests. The Aerobeds are easy to inflate and just as easy to deflate and put away.  The air release valve opens so you can quickly deflate the bed and then simply roll it up and put it in the storage cover to store.

Easy, No Hassle Storage With Air Beds

The Aerobeds take up very little room in the closet making them the perfect bed to have on hand in case visitors arrive.  Aerobeds are easy to care for and will provide you with years of reliable service.  Air beds not only save on space but they also save money.  They are much less expensive than purchasing regular mattress sets and they don’t require a frame.

You’ll be happy to equip your home with new Aerobeds that will leave your rooms open for other uses.  You’ll be prepared for any overnight guests and they will be glad to see that you provided comfortable sleeping arrangements for them.