Nowadays there are some good quality, heavy duty airbeds available, but nobody I know uses them as their regular bed, instead they use them as a spare or extra bed or for traveling. Meanwhile, a lot of people can’t sleep on their regular mattresses because the traditional spring mattresses are very uncomfortable for them, so they buy those memory foam mattresses. Why don’t they get a good air mattress for 1/20 the price of a Swedish memory foam mattress? Is there some reason I don’t know of why people wouldn’t use air beds for their everyday bed? Like a foam mattress there are no pressure points from springs.

My mattress is getting old and I was thinking of getting a memory foam mattress but now I’m thinking of trying an air mattress instead. Should I?

The reason that memory foam mattresses are so supportive is their pressure point reduction. The mattress is able to conform to your body and provide support where it is needed. While air mattresses have become significantly better over the last couple of years, they are still not pressure relieving. An air mattress is unable to compress to conform to your body. It is a bladder that is filled with air. When you lay on it, your body puts pressure on the bladder and displaces the air which allows it to conform to your body to an extent. How much it is able to conform depends on how full the air mattress is. Fill it too much, and the mattress cannot completely conform to you. Fill it too little and the mattress will “swallow” you up and provide less support. While some air mattresses, such as Select Comfort alleviate some of this issue with their adjustable fill features, your inexpensive air mattresses will not provide anywhere near the support you are going to get from a memory foam bed.

There is also the issue of holes and wear and tear. Should you accidentally puncture your air mattress you will need to go purchase another one, or spend time and effort finding and patching the hole. These are all issues that need to be weighed when selecting a new sleeping surface.