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Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with nature.  Camping used to mean that you’d have to look forward to a poor night’s sleep with a sleeping bag on the cold, damp ground.  Those days are over!  You can now actually enjoy camping and get a good night’s sleep when you bring an airbed with you on your camping trip.

There are special airbeds that are designed specifically for camping use.  These are great because they are made to hold up well under all types of conditions.  Rugged and durable Aerobeds come in two designs that are created especially for the camping experience.   Outdoor Aerobeds are made with rugged construction that allows you to take them outdoors without fear of them getting easily punctured.

Different Styles of Outdoor Airbeds

There are several Outdoor Aerobed styles available to choose from.  Choose the type based on what you want to use them for.  For a basic camping experience you will want to try the Outdoor Aerobed Active airbeds.  This model provides you with a rugged construction yet it gives you a comfortable feel that is almost better than sleeping on a traditional mattress.  The Active model comes with a pump that can be plugged in to electricity or to your 12v car or camper battery.

Outdoor Aerobed models are made of tough materials that easily adjust even in extreme temperatures that you’ll find while camping.  Durable materials are used that allow you to sleep on them in even the most rugged of conditions.  While Aerobeds are made to last you’ll still want to take some simple precautions when using them outdoors.  First, always use a pad or tarp underneath them to protect them from rocks or branches that may protrude and cause damage.  Keep your Aerobed properly inflated while camping to ensure the best comfort possible.  Don’t over inflate as this can cause excess stress on the seams.

Outdoor Aerobeds are typically made from stronger or thicker materials than standard Aerobeds.  If you are planning on hiking, however, you’ll want to choose a special model Aerobed that is designed for this type of use.  These Aerobeds are lighter weight for easier and more convenient transport.  The beds also come without a standard air pump.  This allows you to add the air pump separately if you prefer.  You can easily roll or fold the air mattress into a small size that will fit easily into your backpack.

Enjoy A Comfortable Night’s Sleep Even In A Tent

Sleeping on an Aerobed while camping will increase your entire camping experience to a new level.  The Aerobed will actually give you a proper night’s sleep.  Many people actually indicate that they slept better and more comfortably on their Aerobed mattress than they do while sleeping on their regular mattress at home.  A better night’s sleep means you’ll have a better time on your camping trip. A well-rested camper can enjoy the natural outdoors much better than someone who tossed and turned all night with a bad night’s sleep.  Increase your camping enjoyment by using an Aerobed while camping.

So, you are getting ready for an upcoming camping trip and are thinking about the “essentials” for your weekend in the woods. You probably have all of your gear for setting up a camp site including a tent, sleeping bag and other equipment. You are also probably thinking about cooking, bathing and even some “luxuries” like communication and any emergency needs.

This is a wise approach to an enjoyable weekend or camping trip because many people forget about some of the more difficult realities while they prepare for a vacation. For example, what will you do in the event of a medical emergency? While you may know that a hospital is about twenty miles from the camp site, the problem may be that you have no idea how to find the hospital! What kind of facilities are at the location? Will there be hot water? What kind of lighting will be available?

Luckily modern technology can provide solutions and answers to all of these questions through solar powered products, and a frequent camper would be wise to invest in some of the best solar powered camping essentials.

Beginning with communications; like millions of other consumers you probably have a cell phone, mobile device or GPS. Each of these remarkable gadgets can function in a wide number of ways, but each of them also requires a fully charged battery. The problem then is just how to charge a battery in the middle of the woods? The answer is a portable solar charger. These are lightweight and completely portable solar panels that are constructed of durable and flexible materials that will provide a small, personal electronic device with a full charge. Some backpackers will even drape the waterproof units over the exterior of their pack and use it to feed their GPS with a constant charge throughout the day! This is also great for emergency situations where a cellular phone or other device may be required to call for help. Often times, a good solar charger may be your only life line when out in the wilderness.

The next area where solar equipment can help out on a camping trip is lighting. There are an enormous range of solar powered lamps and lights that can provide up to twelve hours of service on a single charge. This saves campers from lugging the significantly heavier, battery powered units traditionally used in the woods, and it also eliminates any concerns about running out of light when batteries die.

Finally, one of the most enjoyable experiences provided by solar power on a camping trip is a hot shower. Specially treated bags can be filled with ice cold stream water and left in the sun for a few hours where the bag superheats the water and provides a steaming hot shower for a lucky camper!

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Frequent campers are well aware of the costs that can accumulate while purchasing camping supplies. Durable equipment is a must, because you want this purchase to last a long time. Food and other more expendable supplies, on the other hand, are a recurring hassle because they have to be bought over and over again. If you can save on the cost of supplies, it will earn you more money for more trips.

Make a list of the supplies you find yourself buying over and over. Then, during the off-season, look for ways to stock up and save money. Target, Wal-mart and other retail stores often have sales on camping equipment during the fall and winter, especially on stoves, tents, and sleeping bags. Even though you may not need them right now, you might be able to save money by buying items like ponchos and miscellaneous camping gear when they go on clearance in early fall as well.

Think about the food you normally bring along on your trips. Grocery stores will have specials on dried soups and drinks you like to take along even if you camp year round. Take advantage on any promotional offers on frozen vegetables and other ingredients you may need. You can cook them up before taking them along for the ride, and you can store it in the freezer if it is not yet needed.

You might also consider taking a trip to your local bulk supply store. Stuffs like paper plates and cups, dried fruit, trail mixes, snacks and dried soups or drinks can be split throughout the camping season even if bought in bulk. Good deals on grills and other supplies can be also found in some bulk supplies.

The most important way to save money on your camping supplies is to take excellent care of all of them. Simple maintenance on tents, sleeping bags and other gear can save money in the long run, and prevent having to make big purchases over and over again. Cans of waterproofing solutions are available at most department and hardware stores, and can be applied yearly to make sure that water damage is no longer a concern.

Careful planning and purchasing of camping supplies throughout the year, not just when you need them, can save you a lot of money in the long run. Some supplies like paper goods and dried foods are okay to buy in bulk. Be aware of any sales and clearance rack during the off season for cheaper supplies. The more money saved on supplies will result on more trips to your favorite destinations all year long.

Many long time camping enthusiasts do not believe that they can still enjoy their favorite pastime after they have kids. This is simply not true. Camping with kids can be even more enjoyable than before, especially when you introduce your love of nature to your children, and see their eyes light up with all the fun they will have.

The age of your child is a big factor when deciding whether it is time for you to take them camping with you. A thing you might want to consider if you will bring a baby is to look for a site which provides electricity, making it easier for you to heat up the baby’s milk whenever it’s feeding time. Also, keep the packing simple. It will come to mind that you need to bring the entire kid’s items with you, but the truth is that is actually a whole lot simpler. Plan out how many days you are going to be at the campsite, and pack accordingly with enough diapers, formula, bottles, wipes and clothing for the exact number of days only.

Since you have been camping before, it may be time to upgrade your equipment to include the kids. A two man tent is not going to cut it for much longer, especially if you have older kids. Younger children will need a big tent that for them to play safely inside at the same time keep too much sunlight out. It will also keep the children in if mom or dad is busy with other things. A family size tent offers all of this, with a bigger sleeping room, purchasable with all the extras you need, and is a whole lot better compared to what your old two man tent could ever provide.

Nature can be an exciting playground for your children to explore, for any age. Toddlers should be given more attention, of course, but making them aware of camping and hiking safety is a top priority. Remember to explain why it is important to stay near the campsite area, as well when and how to use their camping tools. Telling them all about where they will be going is also important, if for any reason to get them excited about what fun you all will be having on the trip.

Older kids should have plenty of activities available to them on the trip, more than just hiking with dad or sitting around the campsite with mom. The average teenager is a social creature, so camping with kids near a state park or theme park might not be a bad plan. Swimming areas and recreation zones which most big camping locations have are great for keeping kids lively and smilimg. Asking your kids inout in planning the trip is a great idea, it keeps them involved and map out any other activites they would want to engage in.

Another option for camping with kids to double the fun by camping out with close friends or other family members. It will give you the option of having somebody else look after your kids for your alone time, and also is more fun if you go with more people. Also bring toys and recreational games for your children to engage in will make this a very enjoyable and unforgettable camping trip which may become the start of your very own annual family tradition.