Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with nature.  Camping used to mean that you’d have to look forward to a poor night’s sleep with a sleeping bag on the cold, damp ground.  Those days are over!  You can now actually enjoy camping and get a good night’s sleep when you bring an airbed with you on your camping trip.

There are special airbeds that are designed specifically for camping use.  These are great because they are made to hold up well under all types of conditions.  Rugged and durable Aerobeds come in two designs that are created especially for the camping experience.   Outdoor Aerobeds are made with rugged construction that allows you to take them outdoors without fear of them getting easily punctured.

Different Styles of Outdoor Airbeds

There are several Outdoor Aerobed styles available to choose from.  Choose the type based on what you want to use them for.  For a basic camping experience you will want to try the Outdoor Aerobed Active airbeds.  This model provides you with a rugged construction yet it gives you a comfortable feel that is almost better than sleeping on a traditional mattress.  The Active model comes with a pump that can be plugged in to electricity or to your 12v car or camper battery.

Outdoor Aerobed models are made of tough materials that easily adjust even in extreme temperatures that you’ll find while camping.  Durable materials are used that allow you to sleep on them in even the most rugged of conditions.  While Aerobeds are made to last you’ll still want to take some simple precautions when using them outdoors.  First, always use a pad or tarp underneath them to protect them from rocks or branches that may protrude and cause damage.  Keep your Aerobed properly inflated while camping to ensure the best comfort possible.  Don’t over inflate as this can cause excess stress on the seams.

Outdoor Aerobeds are typically made from stronger or thicker materials than standard Aerobeds.  If you are planning on hiking, however, you’ll want to choose a special model Aerobed that is designed for this type of use.  These Aerobeds are lighter weight for easier and more convenient transport.  The beds also come without a standard air pump.  This allows you to add the air pump separately if you prefer.  You can easily roll or fold the air mattress into a small size that will fit easily into your backpack.

Enjoy A Comfortable Night’s Sleep Even In A Tent

Sleeping on an Aerobed while camping will increase your entire camping experience to a new level.  The Aerobed will actually give you a proper night’s sleep.  Many people actually indicate that they slept better and more comfortably on their Aerobed mattress than they do while sleeping on their regular mattress at home.  A better night’s sleep means you’ll have a better time on your camping trip. A well-rested camper can enjoy the natural outdoors much better than someone who tossed and turned all night with a bad night’s sleep.  Increase your camping enjoyment by using an Aerobed while camping.