Once you have chosen the perfect location to go camping, there are also several things you have to think through to better enjoy the trip. Here are five tips when going camping:

1. Prepare your camping supplies.

There are various ways to purchase camping supplies. Be sure to make a checklist of all the camping supplies you will buy and have already bought. You may go online and canvass for low-priced supplies. Among the supplies you will need are tents, camping chairs, coolers, bed/sleeping bags, tent heaters, batteries, flashlights, grill, matches, first-aid kits, and lanterns. With the internet you will save time, and may also search for different brands, or further on with the brand you are familiar with. However, if you have time to go shopping for your supplies, you may opt heading to a local store. This will be more of a convenient option if you intend on checking on your supplies’ material, style, weight, dimensions, etc. If you are concerned with buying expensive variants, you may check out your neighbor’s auction for second-hand camping supplies. But remember that with good quality comes good comfort.

2. Bring games/fun paraphernalia.

Whether you are going to your campsite in a family car or a different mode of transportation, make sure you bring games. You will be having fun on the way already. You may bring board or card games, electronic gear, or even oral guessing games with the family. If you have little ones with you, include kids’ toys. This will keep you alive and set for the real camping adventure.

3. Bring a camera/video recorder.

Who wants to forget the moments of the outdoors? Make sure you bring a camera or a video recorder to capture the adventures you are about to take. Opt for a waterproof variant if you are to head for wet areas. Take turns with the gadgets so that nobody will feel left out. Note that you are going camping – electricity may be an issue, so do not forget to bring extra batteries!

4. Plan out outdoor activities.

It is always better to plan on an adventure with your family and friends. You want to ensure general enjoyment. There are many activities for your camping trip – a treasure hunt, a bug-catching event, a nightly campfire of story-telling, wood-chopping, plain fishing, rock-climbing, or even your own version of “The Amazing Race”! Include prizes such as food, drinks, merits and ribbons to culminate each activity. This way, even an ordinary camping chore will be transformed into a rewarding activity. Also consider setting up a base camp for all your outdoor activities. We do not want anyone to lose their way.

5. Make a “to-do” list.

Remember to have a list as your itinerary. Distribute this list to each and everyone in the camping trip. This way everyone is aware of what sort of fun is to come each day. It will also serve as a memento of the wonderful trip to share/shared.

Rachel Nunez