Many parents debate as to whether or not to use portable inflatable toddler beds when taking their children on overnight trips.  There are quite a few different models available for them to use when taking their children out on their trips.  It is simply a matter of finding the right bed to make that parent happy.

Keep in mind that the inflatable toddler beds are really airbeds.  However, one must find an airbed that is safe for their child to sleep on, and does not present a hazard in any form for the child.

How do you find the right one?  Well, it takes some time as you do not want to put your child in jeopardy.   Taking a trip to the local camping store to do some comparison shopping would be a really good start, with your child in tow.
Look at the airbeds that are in the camping store.  Do they have surfaces that are completely flat or are the surfaces sunken below the edge so that the child will not roll out onto the floor?

Are the airbeds in the store cheap, thin plastic, or are they a thick PVC type of plastic?  Have you, as a parent considered not using the airbed, and just putting your child on the floor, instead?

While putting your child on the floor is an option, it is not always a good idea.  This is especially true for some children who seriously thrash around in their sleep, as they may hurt themselves.
On the other hand, making your child as comfortable as possible when they are going to be away from home so that they will sleep well is just as necessary, too.  Well-rested children are far less cranky during overnight trips, and definitely more cooperative.

One option that may not necessarily be found in some camping stores, but may have some similarities to what is found in them are Ready beds for children.

However, the one thing that this particular airbed does have–that most airbeds do not–to protect children is a sleeping surface that is recessed by ten centimeters.  While children sleep in a recessed surface, they are less likely to fall out of the bed that they are sleeping in, and consequently won’t hurt themselves.
Finding airbeds that have a recessed sleeping surface can be done, but not with such a deeply recessed surface as these Ready Beds.  In an effort to prevent children from rolling off while sleeping, and harming themselves,  these Ready Beds were designed for children so that a child can toss and turn in their sleep.

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