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Ready Beds for kids are a wonderful new alternative to the  usual inflatable mattress as we know it.

What Makes Kids Ready Beds Unique?

Kids ready beds are an all-in-one sleeping solution which can be  used as beds but are very versatile and can also double as  a lounger or a chair.

The truly unique point about a ready bed as compared to  inflatable beds, is that with a ready bed you don’t need  any duvets or pillows. A ready bed is a complete sleeping  solution complete with air-filled comfort mattress and a  built in pillow.

And your little one can slip in snugly  underneath the built in duvet that comes already attached  to the bed.

Ready Beds: Light & Portable

Unlike traditional travel cots for youngsters, ready beds  are so light and don’t take up a lot of space.
This makes them ideal to use for sleeping if you and your  young ones are on the move.

Or, if you are sending your little one over to visit  Grandma or their Aunts and Uncles or their best friends,  you can pack them off with their own ready bed which is  lightweight and portable and easy for little hands to  carry.

Unlike air beds for adults which tend to come in standard  colours of blue or brown, depending which brand you go for,  kids air beds are designed with their favourite characters  in mind and there are new beds being introduced for kids on  a regular basis.

Ready beds for kids come in many different themes and are  brightly coloured and a sure hit with little ones who will  find it an absolute adventure to spend a night in one of these.

So, if your child is going for a sleepover, as a mum you  don’t have to worry about their sleeping arrangements:

  • No Pillow needed
  • No Duvet needed
  • It’s an all-in-one sleeping solution.

Ready Beds Make Mum’s Life Easier

When you buy a ready bed for your child, you are buying  yourself peace of mind too.

You get a bed that:
* Inflates and deflates easily
* Comes with its own comfortable air-filled pillow section
* Is available in different character themes for girls and boys
* Is a perfect size for little kids: 155cm x 67cm x 20cm (61in x  26in x 8in)
* Is easy to carry and comes with its own travel bag

Note: Inflatable Ready Beds are suitable for kids aged 3  years and over

Ready Beds Come In Many Different Kids Designs

Ready beds for kids are adorable and cute and contain a  good selection of popular kids themes for girls and boys.

Ready Beds for Boys

Junior Toy Story Ready Bed

Ben 10 Junior Ready Bed

Blue Junior Ready Bed

Cars 2009 Junior Ready Bed

Backugan Ready Bed

Ready Beds for Girls
Hannah Montana Tween Ready Bed

Hello Kitty Tween Readybed

Junior Ready Bed 2009 Disney Princess

Pink Junior Ready Bed

Ready Beds for Toddlers
My First Ready Bed In the Night Garden

Peppa Pig My First Readybed 2010

My 1st Ready Bed (Generic Design) – Kids Bedding

Ready Beds are the perfect solution if you are looking for  kids travel beds. Whilst they are suitable for children  aged 3 and above, you can find travel beds for older  children in the Junior Ready Beds product line.

If you are still not sure which air mattress for kids is  for you, click here to read the shopping reviews from happy customers who  will tell you what they think of their kids ready beds.