The Intex Raised Queen airbed is one of the more popular of types of  air mattress beds from Intex.  It is great for putting guests up with, or for you to sleep on if you are staying away from home overnight.

Experience a comfortable and relaxing night of sleep  at a reasonable price too on an Intex air mattress.

What makes the Intex Raised Queen Airbed  very versatile and easy to use is that it is a raised inflatable  bed that can accomodate 2 adults easily. So you won’t get that low on-the-floor  mattress feel whilst you are sleeping.  Being elevated off the ground makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed whilst also feeling just like a regular bed.

Intex Queen Has a Built-In Airpump

Save your own breath and use the built-in electric  pump to get this bed up and inflated in minutes.
You won’t experience any of that “bouncy castle”  wobble with this air bed either because it has  additional stability in both the top and bottom  layers.  This means, you sleep soundly, firmly and  comfortably, drifting off to a sweet slumber instead  of bobbing up and down like a boat!

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Many satisfied customers liked the lightness and  portability of this airbed which makes it easy to  take with you if you are going to stay overnight  somewhere away from home.

Others rave about its firmness, easy of inflating  and deflating and found it to be very handy to have  for overnight guests.

Click Here To Find Out What Customers Really Thought of The Intext Queen Airbed

Well, the age-old problem has presented itself—company is coming.  You don’t have a place for them to sleep, and a sleeping bag on the floor won’t do.  That means it is time to go shopping for an airbed.
Where on earth do you begin to look at?  How do you know what to look for?  There are a lot of different airbeds to choose from, that much is true.  Heaven knows, you don’t want your company to wake up on the floor in the morning.
First things first, determine how many people are going to be coming, so that you know what you need to buy.  In other words, will you need to buy a twin, double or a queen?

Next, is your company only going to be staying for a night or two?  If so, are you willing to spend a lot of money on an airbed that you may only use once or twice?  Or, are you going to be having company on a regular basis?
Let’s assume that you are going to have company on a regular basis, so you want an airbed that is not going to fall apart on its first use.  Also, assuming that your company will spend more than a night or two, you will definitely want something comfortable.
There are the companies that make the regular beds, such as Serta and Simmons that make airbeds.  Those airbeds are well made, but their guarantees are not as long as that of some other companies, and their support systems not as well built, either.

Different brands have channel systems for support, or even beam systems.  Once the airbed is inflated the channel or beam area itself can become deflated, creating a deflated pocket.  This deflated pocket will make the airbed sink in that area, causing the sleeper discomfort at night.

Discomfort at night is what you are trying to avoid, so perhaps checking out the airbeds at the  is a good idea.  There are a number of different options that you can pick from, and if you want, some that you would even be able to take camping with you.
AeroBed models have different types of coil supports built into them that fit underneath one’s body.  Even better, the various models have guarantees of up to five years.

For example, there is the AeroBed Platinum Raised AirBed with Comfort Zone Air Coils.  It has a five year guarantee to it, and looks just like a regular bed when inflated—in less than three minutes.  Deflating it is just as quick, and storage is simple—roll it up around the pump, and put it in a handy bag.
Of course, if you would like to use the airbed for a double purpose, such as company and camping, there options such as the AeroBed Active, Explorer, Extreme and Evergreen.  All of them have some type of coil support in them, which will provide the consumer with better support while sleeping.

If you have children staying over you will want to check out the range of inflatable beds for kids.

All four of the AeroBed camping airbeds have at least a two year guarantee on them as well, although the Explorer actually has a five year guarantee.  In addition to that the Extreme model has rope coils built into, because it is made to deal with weather extremes, and the Explorer has the Quadra Coils built into for lots of extra comfort.

So, in the long run, one of the best bets is an AeroBed, although Gelert and Campingaz have a good range of inflatable beds too.  There are a wide variety of models to choose from, although some of the camping models might end up being your best bet because of the built in coils.

There has been a question tossed around by quite a few people, about whether or not inflatable beds can be used as a regular bed—that is, used daily.  If so, what would be the disadvantages of doing so?

Some people say yes, we can use an inflatable bed on a daily basis, and others argue that we cannot.  There are different lines of reasoning for the pros and cons, both of which make sense.

Think this out though.  The body, when it lies down, creates different points that are filled with pressure.  Regular mattresses do not have the capability to handle those pressure points at all.

Memory foam mattresses on the other hand will provide consumers with a spot that the body can sink into and put the pressure points against without any pain at all.

However, there are inflatable mattresses such as the AeroBed Platinum Raised with Comfort Zones that will aid you in sleeping comfortably, even on an inflatable air mattress.
Some of the inflatable airbeds, when not properly inflated, will make you feel as if you are being swallowed up or something similar.  In the process, your body, especially your back and neck will not get the support that it so badly needs.

However, some of the different airbeds do have coil systems built into them.  Aerobed’s Explorer as an example, has the Quadra Coil system built into it for extra comfort.  Lying down on top of the Quadra Coils gives one the support for your back and neck that you would expect out of a memory foam mattress.

On the downside of the airbeds however, they do deflate a little bit overnight.  Part of that has to do with the temperature of the air when the bed was inflated—because of the way air contracts and expands.
For example, should you the consumer, fill the AeroBed Explorer during the daytime while the air is still warmer, then the likelihood of the bed deflating—a little bit—overnight becomes higher.  Just like a balloon, it will shrink as the air warms up.

Ensuring that the airbed is properly inflated and deflated, on a regular basis, every day, will help consumers to get the proper amount of support that they require.  This is especially true when talking about airbeds such as the AeroBed Explorer and AeroBed Platinum.

Possibly putting your back and neck out of line because you don’t have enough support underneath them is a real possibility if you don’t choose a good quality airbed.  Cheap ones may save you money at the time of purchase, but in the long run, they will not.
Consider using the airbed every once in a while, but not on a daily basis.  Unless, of course you get one like the AeroBed Explorer, and are willing to inflate it and deflate every day…

Looking around for different types of solutions for sleeping arrangements with little available room? And company is coming soon?  Why not try inflatable airbeds?  There are quite a few different brands, and an airbed is far more comfortable than a sleeping bag, or even a hide-a-bed.
How easy is it to store a memory foam bed in a closet versus an airbed in a bag?  Sure, a memory foam bed is comfortable, but they take up a lot of room, are clunky, and don’t always fit the company that is coming over.

Add to the fact that the airbeds are easy to maneuver, store, inflate in minutes, and take little time to put together.  If you haven’t been on one lately, airbeds have actually become quite comfortable, too—so comfortable, it’s like being in a regular bed.

Pick the area you want to use, turn on the pump, and there you go! The airbed is ready to go.  Then, when it is time to put it away, depending on the model, you usually pop open the valve, and the airbed deflates in just a couple of minutes.  Put the airbed in its storage unit or bag, and you are good to go.

True, there is any number of airbeds on the market, but if you want to truly impress your guests, an AeroBed Platinum would be the perfect solution.  Of course, your guests don’t want to know how much you paid for it, but the comfort level is what will definitely pull them in.
Climbing onto a bed that inflates up to twenty three centimeters—about ten inches—thick, the AeroBed Platinum makes those that sleep on it extremely comfortable.  For those that want to adjust their bed for more or less stiffness, there is even a button to press to be able to do so.

Being made of materials that are completely free of PVCs is something that can be important especially for those who are very allergy prone.  Hook up a pump to the AeroBed Platinum that is capable of inflating it within sixty seconds—and your time to set up your company’s sleep area is reduced dramatically.

For those guests that tend to be allergy prone, you can easily wipe off the AeroBed Platinum first before covering it up.  Simply covering up with a cotton cover will also help, too.
Comfort levels for sleeping are also helped out by the quadra-coils that are built into the AeroBed Platinum.  There are a couple of reasons for the quadra-coils.
One is to provide a more stable sleeping surface for the company to crash on.  Another is to make sure that the posture your guests have while sleeping is wonderful, and they wake up feeling terrific.
Additionally, the AeroBed Platinum has been tested to handle up to two hundred ninety five kilograms (six hundred fifty pounds) of weight.  So, even if your guests that are coming to visit are on the larger side, you can rest assured that they will be sleeping in comfort.

Throw on a duvet or bedspread of your choice, some pillows, and you have an instant bedroom that wasn’t even there.  There will be comfort that your guests will love, and they will wonder where you got the extra bed from.
So, when deciding whether or not to use an airbed for a temporary guest bed, the answer is undeniably yes—for many reasons.  Better yet, an AeroBed Platinum will be the best choice for anyone to pick out of all the airbeds available.

Depending on how much you want to spend and whether you want raised airbeds (which have the same height as an everyday bed) or mattress type airbeds (which are closer to the floor)  or single airbeds or double airbeds, the choice is vast and we recommend you look around before you buy the right airbed for your needs.

Which would be better for you to do for a night or two, sleeping on a floor—ouch—or sleeping on an inflatable bed, you ask? Of course the answer to that is sleeping on the inflatable bed, otherwise known as an airbed, hands down.

Some people really do like the feeling of sleeping on the ground, especially when they are camping, but in truth, it really is not that great for your back.  Consider what your back is made up of—all those bones, the vertebrae.

Toss in the fluid that fills the spinal cord, and the nerves that go up and down your back, too.  There is a lot of potential for things to go wrong with your back by sleeping on the floor or the ground.

Many inflatable beds—airbeds–now come with some type of coil system to them, so that consumers do not immediately sink right down onto the ground.  And, even better, their back is protected.

Some airbeds simply have rope coils, while others have chambers of air to provide pockets of support.  Still other models have other types of coil supports that are even stronger than the rope coils, and provide the consumer with the ability to not roll during their sleep.

There are many different brands are on the market now in terms of airbeds—AeroBeds, Coleman, Intex or Select Comfort–just to name a few.  Shopping around is the best way to find out which airbed has exactly what you want in terms of comfort.

Going to different stores to check out the airbeds is a great idea.  Look to see if there is one set up on display.  Ask the salesperson what they know about it, and what information that they can give you.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the airbed right then and there—and don’t buy the first one that you see or try out, either.  Take the time to shop around.  Go to camping stores, supply stores, even major discount stores to see what you can find before you decide to buy an airbed.

We have found that have a great selection of airbeds, from different manufacturers and at different price bands. Plus, they have lots of deals and FREE delivery promotions on many of their items.

Check out Amazon for:

Aerobed Airbeds

Intex Airbeds

Gelert Airbeds

Campingaz Quickbeds

After you have taken the time to find out all you can about the different models available to you, and that fit into your price point, then decide how comfortable you want to be on the airbed.

Do you have a bad back, and really have to have an airbed that has a terrific support system to it?  If so, then you might want to check out the AeroBed Explorer, because it has the Quadra Coils built into it.  Those Quadra Coils provide lots of extra support, and prevent the sleeper from rolling around in their sleep, as well.

Will you be using the airbed regularly?  Is the airbed something that you will only be getting out to go camping with a lot?  How much are you willing to spend on it?  Perhaps something along the lines of the AeroBed Extreme would work well.  It has the rope coil system, but deals with extreme temperature swings well.

Don’t forget the kids, either.  Should you need to stick the kids on a bed, instead of on the floor, AeroBed has an airbed for Children that many other companies can’t beat.

Looking at the AeroBed for Children you will see that the surface of the bed is actually well below the edges of the bed.  This will prevent the children from rolling out in the middle of the night and hurting themselves.

Other brands such as Intex don’t offer the same type of support in their airbeds.  They speak of a fourteen, fifteen or even sixteen gauge chamber.  These chambers are filled with air, like pockets, but if a hole develops in one of them, then that area will sag, and not support you.

Look for something like the AeroBed with the coils to provide the support you ultimately need.  With this support, you won’t ever have to spend a night sleeping on the floor…

In The Night Garden Ready BedThomas Tank Engine Ready BedToy Story Ready Bed

Ready Beds for kids are a wonderful new alternative to the  usual inflatable mattress as we know it.

What Makes Kids Ready Beds Unique?

Kids ready beds are an all-in-one sleeping solution which can be  used as beds but are very versatile and can also double as  a lounger or a chair.

The truly unique point about a ready bed as compared to  inflatable beds, is that with a ready bed you don’t need  any duvets or pillows. A ready bed is a complete sleeping  solution complete with air-filled comfort mattress and a  built in pillow.

And your little one can slip in snugly  underneath the built in duvet that comes already attached  to the bed.

Ready Beds: Light & Portable

Unlike traditional travel cots for youngsters, ready beds  are so light and don’t take up a lot of space.
This makes them ideal to use for sleeping if you and your  young ones are on the move.

Or, if you are sending your little one over to visit  Grandma or their Aunts and Uncles or their best friends,  you can pack them off with their own ready bed which is  lightweight and portable and easy for little hands to  carry.

Unlike air beds for adults which tend to come in standard  colours of blue or brown, depending which brand you go for,  kids air beds are designed with their favourite characters  in mind and there are new beds being introduced for kids on  a regular basis.

Ready beds for kids come in many different themes and are  brightly coloured and a sure hit with little ones who will  find it an absolute adventure to spend a night in one of these.

So, if your child is going for a sleepover, as a mum you  don’t have to worry about their sleeping arrangements:

  • No Pillow needed
  • No Duvet needed
  • It’s an all-in-one sleeping solution.

Ready Beds Make Mum’s Life Easier

When you buy a ready bed for your child, you are buying  yourself peace of mind too.

You get a bed that:
* Inflates and deflates easily
* Comes with its own comfortable air-filled pillow section
* Is available in different character themes for girls and boys
* Is a perfect size for little kids: 155cm x 67cm x 20cm (61in x  26in x 8in)
* Is easy to carry and comes with its own travel bag

Note: Inflatable Ready Beds are suitable for kids aged 3  years and over

Ready Beds Come In Many Different Kids Designs

Ready beds for kids are adorable and cute and contain a  good selection of popular kids themes for girls and boys.

Ready Beds for Boys

Junior Toy Story Ready Bed

Ben 10 Junior Ready Bed

Blue Junior Ready Bed

Cars 2009 Junior Ready Bed

Backugan Ready Bed

Ready Beds for Girls
Hannah Montana Tween Ready Bed

Hello Kitty Tween Readybed

Junior Ready Bed 2009 Disney Princess

Pink Junior Ready Bed

Ready Beds for Toddlers
My First Ready Bed In the Night Garden

Peppa Pig My First Readybed 2010

My 1st Ready Bed (Generic Design) – Kids Bedding

Ready Beds are the perfect solution if you are looking for  kids travel beds. Whilst they are suitable for children  aged 3 and above, you can find travel beds for older  children in the Junior Ready Beds product line.

If you are still not sure which air mattress for kids is  for you, click here to read the shopping reviews from happy customers who  will tell you what they think of their kids ready beds.

Aerobed Platinum Raised Double BedYou might find that sleeping on an Aerobed Platinum Raised Bed Double Size gives you a better night’s sleep than  sleeping on your own regular everyday bed.

It might be something to do with being able to control just  how firm or how soft you want your air bed to be. After  all, being able to adjust the firmness of your mattress is  not something that you can do with your traditional bed.

That said, air beds are used mainly as a temporary sleeping  arrangement often when you have guests at your home.
What usually happens is that once you have slept on an  Aerobed bed, you will never want to sleep on the floor or  couch ever again, so if you are visiting friends you will  end up taking your own Aerobed with you!

Best Price For Aerobed Platinum Raised Double Bed

Without a doubt, when researching the different outlets  that sell Aerobed Platinum Raised Double Beds,  often had the best price online.  Whilst we can’t state an  exact price here, because the prices on Amazon are  constantly being updated.

Click Here To Find Out More Details & Reviews

Be Nice To Your Guests With an Aerobed Raised Bed

You don’t have to give up your own bedroom in order to  accomodate your guests nor do you have to make them (or  you) sleep on the floor or the settee anymore.

Having an  inflatable air bed makes it so much easier to accomodate  your guests without causing any disruption in your own  home.

The bed can inflate in 3 minutes and deflates in 1 minute  so in 5 minutes you can makeup a bed and get your guests  ready for bed.
Packing up in the morning is even quicker. With a 1 minute  deflation time, you can roll up the air bed around the pump  and store it away neatly in a durable carry bag.

Let’s not also forget how comfortable these beds are!
Many people report sleeping better on one of these than  they would in their own beds.
One of the main factors is that with an Aerobed inflatable  bed you won’t experience the roll-together effect that you  may have experienced with cheaper alternatives.  The beds  are manufactured using Quadra Coil technology which makes  for a more stable and even sleeping surface giving maximum  comfort during a night’s sleep.

Platinum Raised Double Bed from Amazon

When you buy a Platinum Raised Double Bed from Amazon you  get the following:

  • A bed with Dimensions 188 x 137 x 56cm
  • A quality 100% cotton machine washable mattress cover
  • A powerful mains electric pump with fast inflation button
  • An inflation height the same as that of a traditional bed
  • The ability to adjust the firmness of the bed with a  remote comfort control device
  • A tough and durable air, which has undergone rigorous  testing
  • A comfortable and restful night of sleep!

BUY NOW from

You can also get a Platinum Raised Bed King Size, if you wanted a similar bed but in a slightly larger size (198 x 152 x 56cm).

Aerobed Platinum Raised Bed King SizeThe Aerobed Platinum Raised Bed King Size is definitely the  top end of the Aerobed range of inflatable mattresses and  raised air beds.

A sumptuous King size bed with dimensions of 198 x 152 x 56cm and , Quadra Coil technology  which ensures that you sleep extremely well and without  rolling into the middle towards your partner, you can expect to get a good night’s sleep and wake up well rested the next morning.

You might  even find yourself a little bit reluctant to go back to  sleeping on your normal everyday bed once you have slept on  an Aerobed Platinum Raised bed.

The most popular use of this bed is for having one in case  you have extra friends staying over the night with you and  you don’t have a spare room or an extra bed in which to put them up.

It is so much nicer to be able to accomodate your guests in a super  comfortable blow up bed that is the same height off the  ground as a traditional bed. There’s no need to put your  friends on a dingy little mattress on the floor or make  them sleep on a couch, when you can put them up easily and  quickly with a Raised Air bed.

To Find More Details on This Bed CLICK HERE

What Is So Different About the Aerobed Platinum?

The Aerobed Platinum has a powerful recessed pump for  inflating and deflating.

You can also inflate and deflate  this air bed remotely. Not only that but you have the  option to adjust the firmness of the bed to suit your needs  and you can do this with the comfort control feature.

Unlike the other models, Classic Aerobed and Premier  Aerobed, the Platinum Aerobed has comes with a 100% cotton  mattress cover and has a longer 5 year limited guarantee.

And being a bigger bed, it will take about 3  minutes to inflate and 3 minutes to deflate as well but  with the electronic main pump, you won’t have to do any of  this yourself.

Typically, if you were on the move and wanted to take a  portable bed around with you, the Platinum Raised king size bed would be too bulky to carry around and you would be better  off with something like the Aerobed Premier Raised Double Air Bed.  But,  having the Platinum Raised air bed at home for use when extra guests arrive,  is a fantastic bed and saves you the headache of  keeping a spare bedroom for guests.

With this, you can turn  any room into a spare room.

If you wanted a slightly smaller bed, you can look at the Platinum Raised Double Bed which comes with dimensions of  188 x 137 x 61 cm and will fit standard size bedsheets.

Aerobed Classic Raised Single BedThe Aerobed Classic Raised Bed Single Size is the perfect option  if you are going to stay at a friends and really don’t want  to be sleeping on the floor or the couch.

You don’t have to put your friends and family out if you  turn up at their door with your own easy inflatable bed!

In fact, with an air mattress that inflates to a thickness  of 51cm and in 3 minutes with a fast mains electric pump,  you won’t even have to spend a lot of time getting your bed  ready for you to sleep in. And you’ll enjoy a great night’s  sleep too because the Aerobed range of inflatable air beds  are highly popular simply because they are durable,  reliable and give you a good night’s rest.

No foot pump or work is required from you. Just plug it  into the mains and let the electric pump do all the hard  work.

Click Here To Find Out More About This AirBed & For Pricing Details

Your Aerobed Classic Single Bed – Firm or Soft?

You can adjust the inflatable raised air bed mattress to be  as soft or as firm as you would like by using the comfort  control feature.  These single air beds are so portable and  simple to use, you might find your family and friends will  be looking to buy one for themselves once they see how easy  it was to get yours set up and ready for bed. Also, when it  comes to storing away, you simply roll the bed around the  pump and pack it away in its durable carry bag. It doesn’t   take up too much space either.

Many people tend to get worried about airbeds because they  are afraid of punctures but Aerobed air beds are made from  durable and heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl and have  eletronically welded seams that can withstand well over 275  kgs of weights. Therefore, without exception, they are  quite tough.

Self inflating beds such as the Aerobed Classic Raised  Single bed are really useful to have as you never know when  you might need them.

They always come in handy for when:

  • Certain times of the year when friends and family get together for Christmas  & Birthday/ Anniversary parties
  • You have friends who have drunk too much and can’t drive  home
  • You have friends who have ended up staying too late and  it would take too long to drive back
  • Yyou have friends visiting you but they missed the last  train home
  • OR you are visiting friends and family and you know they  don’t have an air bed, so you might as well take your own!

There are plenty of reasons why you might need an airbed -  so why not get one today?

Buying the Aerobed Classic Raised Single Bed

If you buy the classic single raised aerobed, here’s what  you will get:

* A bed with dimensions of 188 x 99 x 51cm

* Comes with a machine washable cover and valance

* Has a soft plush velvety surface which feels soft and  warm to the touch

* The mattress inflates to a thickness of 51cm

* Comes with a powerful mains electric pump that can  inflate your air bed in 3 mins

* Ability to adjust the mattress firmness with the comfort control feature

* Quick clearup, the air bed takes only 1 min to deflate

* Quick and easy storage, comes with its own durable carry  bag

We found many places offering the Aerobed Classic  Raised Bed, but offers some of the cheapest  prices around.

To Visit Click Here

Aerobed have many different types of air beds and you can find out more about them here:

Aerobed Classic Double

Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed

Aerobed Premier Raised Double Air Bed

Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air Bed

Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed The AeroBed Classic Raised King Air Bed is a great big  and very comfortable air bed that is raised off the  ground just like a traditional bed.

With a sizing of 198 x 152 x 51 cm, this is bigger than  the Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air Bed which has a  size of 188 x 137 x 51 cm    and costs a little bit more for  this reason.

If you are going away or having guests over to yours,  you can always ensure a great night’s sleep on the  Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed.


This is a self-inflating mattress which inflates in under 3 minutes and can deflate in about 60 seconds.  Which makes it super handy to have when extra guests are staying, as you spend less time getting the beds ready and clearing away in the morning is simple. Just roll up the inflatable mattress around the pump and store it in its storage bag out of sight.  This way, you can have extra people staying over but your house won’t look like a bombsite the next morning.

Click Here For More Details on Pricing

An Aerobed With Elevated Height

The best thing about having a raised air bed is that  its just like sleeping on a normal bed. You won’t get  that feeling of being low down on the ground with  normal inflatable mattresses.

The elevate height the raised air beds is similar to  that for a normal bed, so you won’t really feel as  though you are “roughing it”. Instead, you’ll be quite  surprised to find that you will probably sleep like  a  baby and get a good rest.

The entire boxed system that will be shipped out to you  will be about 18kg in weight. You will also get a  machine washable cover and valance sheet that comes  with your Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed.

No Roll-Together on  Aerobed Air Beds

Unlike the cheaper inflatable mattresses that make you  feel as though you are on a bouncy castle, the Aerobed  air beds are made using Quadra Coil technology which  creates individual pockets of air that get distributed  evenly across the mattress. This effectively means that  if one of you lies down, the other one won’t go rolling  towards you when they get into the bed.  You will both  be able to lie on your side of the mattress without  rolling towards each other into the middle. This makes  for a really comfortable and enjoyable sleep

Read The Customer Reviews From Amazon – Click Here

The Aerobed Classic range also has the Aerobed Classic Double air bed which is not a raised air bed.

You can find out about air beds for kids here.

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