Aerobed Premier Raised Double Air BedThe AeroBed Premier Raised Double Air Bed is a slightly  more comfortable and pricier model from the Aerobed  Classic.

This self-inflatable raised air bed which  inflates to  a height of 61cm is the same height as a normal bed  except that it is portable (take it with you when you  are staying over at  friend or family’s houses) and  convenient (always handy to have one of these in case  you have unexpected visitors yourself).

Why go to the bother of making up a guest room or  kicking the kids (or yourselves) out of your room just  to make space for your guests?

If you have an air bed handy, you will find these so  much more easier and convenient to put up, even if you  have unexpected visitors who turn up at the stroke of  midnight.

Taking only 3 minutes to fully inflate at the touch of  a button and 3 minutes to deflate, the Aerobed Premier Raised Double air bed can  be put up and put away for storage quickly and without  any hassle.

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In fact, you might find it harder to get your guests to  wake up!  Many find the Premier Raised Double air bed  to give them a great night’s sleep.

Don’t worry about being too heavy to sleep on one of  these air beds. They can withstand a weight of up to  275 kg.  All Aerobeds are made from heavy duty vinyl  and are puncture resistant.  This means, you won’t find  yourself waking up in the morning lying on the floor  with an air bed that leaked air during the night.

Storing away is simple. Roll the air bed around the  pump and pack it away compactly in its durable carry  bag.

You can machine wash the mattress cover and valance  fitted sheet that comes with the air bed.

The Premier comes with Quadra Coil technology which  ensures that pockets of air are evenly distributed  throughout the inflatable mattress. So you won’t be  rolling or dipping towards the middle when you and your  partner are asleep.  You’ll be able to stretch out and  lie on your side of the bed just as you would on your  normal bed at home.
All of this makes for a very comfortable and soothing night  of rest.

If you are interested in the Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air Bed, you can find out more about it here.

A hand held remote control unit allows for easy and  flexibility and the ability to inflate and deflate the  the air bed with ease.

The Aerobed Premier Raised Double Air Bed is a generous  size coming in at 188 x 137 x 61 cm and will fit  standard size sheets. It comes with a machine washable  cover and a fitted valance sheet.

Ensure A Healthy Night’s Sleep With Correct Spinal  Alignment

Most people worry that sleeping on air beds isn’t good  for their backs. In fact, the opposite it true.  The  use of Quadra Coil technology in these air beds has  shown to eliminate pressure points and enable a good  spinal alignment when using the bed.

One of the features that seems to get the kids excited  (and the dads) is that you can adjust your comfort  level by using the remote comfort control which  controls the amount of air you have in your mattress.
In this way, you can adjust the firmness of your  inflatable mattress until it is at the right and  comfortable level for your back.

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Whther you are looking for raised airbeds or inflatable mattresses, there is no doubt that having either of these at home is a great help for when extra friends and family are staying over.

You might also want to look at a the Aerobed Platinum Raised King Size air bed for the ultimate in Aerobed inflatable beds luxury.

Aerobed Classic Double Bed RaisedThe AeroBed Classic Raised Double Air Bed seems to be a  firm favourite with happy customers who rave about the  comfort of this bed and the ease with which it can be  inflated and deflated.  Let’s face it, whilst comfort  is probably the main factor when it comes to using   blow up beds, many of us also don’t want too much  hassle trying to put the bed up and get it packed away  once we have finished with it.

Why let your guests sleep on a mattress on the  floor when you can give them a super comfortable raised  bed that is the same height off the floor as a normal  bed?

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So, the fact that Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air bed can be inflated in  less than 3 minutes at the touch of a button gets a  huge thumbs up from us. Deflating this air bed is even  quicker and takes about 60 seconds.  Brilliant!

If you think about it, we often use air beds as a  temporary solution. The most popular use of these  inflatable mattress beds is when we have extra guests  staying over the night, usually when you’ve had a  social get together and kids and family are all causing  chaos in your house!  Chances are it’ll be a late night  and getting bedtime sorted very quickly is paramount.

If you have kids, you know how weary and tearful they  can get late at night especially if they have been  playing all day.  Being able to get the spare beds up  and get everyone to bed quickly is a god send.

The next morning, deflate your bed in less than a  minute and pack it away in a storage bag that is about  the size of a waste paper bin. It won’t take up much  storage space and is super quick and easy to pack away  until its needed the next time.

Raised Air Beds, So Comfy Its Hard to Get Up  Again!

One of the best features about raised air beds is the  great night’s sleep many people claim to get when  sleeping on one of these. It’s easy to see why. Being  high off the ground, the elevated height with a  mattress pumped full of air makes for a soft and  cushioned mattress which might be a little bouncy as  you get into it, but once you are  in….aaaahhhhhhh….you will sleep like a baby.
It sure beats sleeping on the floor.

You can also control the firmness level of the bed at  the touch of a button, so easy to do even when you are  lying on the bed. Simply adjust it until if feels just  right for you.

Aerobeds are made from heavy duty vinyl that is  puncture resistant and is designed to withstand excess  pressure without caving in. This means your bed remains  fully inflated until you deflate it and pack it away.

Aerobed beds are double-checked by the manufacturer and  will not have any air leakage during the night so that  you find yourself waking up on a deflated mattress the  next morning.

Can the Raised AeroBed Be Good For My Spine?

Rest assured, Aerobed, the manufacturers of the Classic  Raised air beds incorporate Quadra Coil technology  which creates individual pockets of air that get evenly  distributed all across the mattress. This means that  when you and your partner are lying on one of these  beds, you won’t roll together in the middle but will be  able to lie on your own sides of the bed in absolute  comfort – just as you would in a normal bed.

This has been proven by experts to eliminate pressure  points and also to promote a healthy spinal alignment.  Not only that, but you can be sure that the bed you lay  on will feel solid all over and you won’t experience  that feeling of the air moving to another part of the  bed as you lay down on one side (which is what happens  on a bouncy castle).

Rigorous & Quality Testing Procedures for Aerobeds

With Aerobeds you know you are buying a quality air  bed becuase they are:

  • Made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl
  • Have electronically welded seams that can take over  275 kgs of weight
  • A random selection of beds are tested in  procedures some of which involve simulating 52 years of  normal use

Buying the Aerobed Classic Raised Double Air Bed Gives  You:

  • An air bed that is the height of a traditional bed
  • Tough and durable has been tested to 204kg
  • A machine washable mattress cover and valance  included
  • A velvety plush surface which feels warm and  comfortable to touch
  • 3 minutes to inflate
  • 1 minute to deflate
  • Adjust the comfort of the bed to your taste at the  touch of a button
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Powerful pump that comes with a fast-inflate button  AND a comfort control feature

Sleep like a baby and get a beautiful night’s rest with an Aerobed Classic Raised Air Bed.

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If you’re looking for a good mattress or bed for guests or for temporary use the best alternative is an inflatable bed.  An Aerobed is the perfect solution for occasional sleeping needs.  Airbeds are better than cots because they are much more comfortable and much easier to use.  An airbed is also much better than sleeping on a sleeper sofa because it is much more comfortable.

In fact inflatable Aerobeds are the premier choice of many people who are looking for a good temporary sleeping alternative.  There are many benefits to choosing an Aerobed for your sleeping needs.

First, the Aerobed is an affordable alternative to traditional mattress sets. In fact Aerobeds are comparable in comfort and support to mattress sets that are very expensive.

Aerobeds are inflatable beds that can be easily transported and set up in an instant.  If you have a temporary living arrangement or flat you can easily use and move an Aerobed.  Aerobeds are inflated in a matter of seconds using the included air pump.  The air pump is a patented product that fits perfectly and inflates the bed in just a few minutes.  The pump then detaches.  Different models offer different air pump styles, each one providing the power necessary to quickly inflate your bed.

Portable & Lightweight Airbeds

When you need a portable bed an Aerobed is the perfect choice.  The air mattress is easy to inflate and deflate.  Once deflated the Aerobed easily rolls up and can be placed into its storage bag.  Then the bed can be easily stored or taken with.  An Aerobed that is in its storage bag doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit into a closet or can be carried in the trunk of your car.  The Aerobed is lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go.

When choosing a good temporary bed consider the way you will be primarily using it.  An Aerobed provides a dependable bed that comes with a warranty of typically 1 to 3 years.  No matter why you need your temporary bed you’ll be glad to know that its durable and is made of high quality materials so it will work well for a long time no matter how often you use it.

Airbeds Are a Great Solution for a Temporary Sleeping Arrangement

Some people need a temporary bed when they move to a new home or when they go to a new flat.  The Aerobed is the perfect choice for a temporary bed because it can be used on a daily basis.  It is durable yet provides you with a very comfortable night’s sleep.  Sleeping on an Aerobed is better and more comfortable than sleeping on a futon or sleeper sofa.

Even a temporary bed can cause back pain or problems if the bed does not provide good support.  Many types of temporary beds just don’t give your spine the support it needs.  The Aerobed gives your back the support it needs to stay pain-free and healthy.  In fact many people who have had back pain in the past find that they can alleviate the pain simply by sleeping on an Aerobed mattress.

If you have kids you know how hard it can be to travel with them.  While babies are easy to care for toddlers are a different story.  Often the hotel you stay at on holiday doesn’t have proper accommodations for little tots.  It’s important to keep your kids safe whether at home or on a trip.  The best bed to provide for a toddler on a trip is a kids inflatable bed.

When choosing an inflatable bed for toddlers there are some special considerations to keep in mind.  One of the main reasons to choose an inflatable bed for a toddler is that it’s easy to use and you can keep it near your own bed.  It can be easily set up just next to the adult bed or near your other children in the room.

Choosing A Travel Bed For Your Toddler

The best inflatable bed for a toddler is a style that is close to the ground.  Choose a style of inflatable bed such as the classic mattress style from Aerobed.  This style provides a simple design that is close to the ground.  It’s important to choose an airbed that is low to the ground so that toddlers can easily get in and out of bed and they won’t fall or roll out and hurt themselves.

An inflatable Aerobed such as the classic mattress design comes in a child size that is perfect for small children.  The child’s Aerobed has special features created just for keeping tots safe and comfortable as they sleep.  The design features a sleep surface that is recessed to prevent little ones from rolling off the mattress.  The Aerobed comes complete with a patented twist-on hand-held pump that provides quick and easy inflation yet can be removed out of the hands of children when not in use.  The bed has a removable washable mattress cover for easy care.

Kids Love Inflatable Beds

The child-size Aerobed deflates quickly and rolls up easily fitting into the convenient carry bag that is provided.  The Aerobed for kids is the right size for small children and is perfect for taking to sleepovers.  It’s much more comfortable than sleeping in a sleeping bag directly on the floor!  Simple to operate, the child Aerobed is the best solution to tot sleeping while arrangements while on holiday.

The size of the child Aerobed measures 152 cm by 91 cm by 20 cm and weighs just 5 kg.  This makes the Aerobed easy to take anywhere and handy to use. Parents will love the safety features and will be particularly happy to have their small tot sleeping close by but not in bed with mum and dad!  The small size allows for easy set-up to fit in any sized room, even in close quarters.

Ready beds are also another brand of kids inflatable beds.

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The Aerobed is a well-known and respected name in air mattresses providing a one-year warranty.  All Aerobeds are famous for their ease of use and most of all for the comfortable sleeping surface they provide.  The channel construction gives an even sleep surface that is easy on the back and neck muscles, even for little ones.

Inflatable airbeds can be great for everyday use although these beds are not intended to be used everyday and are definintely not to be used in place of your normal, everyday bed.

The key to finding good quality and lasting airbeds that will be easy to inflate, deflate and store away as well as giving you a relaxing night’s sleep, is to go for a quality brand such as Aerobed or Intex.

Choose an airbed that is well made and that is known to perform well over the long-term.  Not all airbeds are created equal.  Some are made of inferior materials that won’t hold up for the long-term.  Choose a brand name airbed that you can trust such as Aerobed.

Airbeds Can Be More Comfortable Than Your Own Bed

Many people find that airbeds are actually more comfortable than their old mattress.  For this reason some people who sleep on a quality airbed for one night, such as those from Aerobed, will find that they slept extremely well.

The Aerobed provides an extremely comfortable night’s sleep.   While many people may think that sleeping on an air mattress doesn’t sound comfortable when you sleep on an Aerobed mattress it is actually one of the most comfortable beds you can get.

The Aerobed comes in several different styles.  One of the more popular ones in its collection is the Raised Double Aerobed.  The Raised Aerobed is a higher style air mattress that has a height similar to that of a traditional mattress set.  This makes sleeping on it easy and restful. On the other hand, if you prefer an inflatable mattress that is closer to the ground, you might like the Aerobed classic double airbed which has a mattress that is low to the ground making it better for occasional use only.

There is no good reason why you can’t use inflatable beds on a daily basis although it isn’t really recommended that you do so. Although these good quality airbeds do provide good support for your back when used for a few nights, the manufacturer does not mention anywhere that these airbeds are for use on a daily basis.

While the Aerobed properly aligns your spine when you sleep on it, giving it the exact support that it needs.  This alignment will help reduce any stress that your back may have been incurring and actually can help reduce or alleviate altogether chronic or intermittent back pain you may have been experiencing.  Your old traditional mattress is often too soft or worn out to provide the level of support that your back needs. However, it is believed that over time and for extended use, your back may not get the proper support, if you were to use the airbeds on a daily basis.

In fact in many instances the Aerobed is much more comfortable than your standard traditional mattress.  One of the reasons for this extreme comfort is the ability to create the exact level of firmness that you desire.  Everyone prefers a certain level or softness or hardness to their mattress for peak comfort.

Short term use could range from 1 day to about 5 days. You can keep airbeds inflated and use them just as you would your regular mattress set.  They are easier to use and keep clean than traditional mattresses and are recommended for people with allergies.  Allergens can accumulate in traditional mattresses causing allergies to increase.  Traditional mattresses can’t be easily cleaned so it’s hard to get rid of dust mites and other allergens once they accumulate in your mattress.  An Aerobed, on the other hand, is free from allergens.  It does not accumulate dust and other potential allergens.  The surface can be easily cleaned with simply a damp cloth.

Aerobeds are also great for small apartments or flats especially when you have extra people staying over and do not have a spare bedroom for guests.  Use one in your studio apartment to create a place to sleep in an instant.  Aerobeds inflate in a matter of a few seconds.  They can also be deflated quickly for easy storage.  The Aerobed simply rolls up and is put into its own storage bag.  When you move the Aerobed can easily go with you.  Traditional mattresses require help moving them along with a large truck for transport. The Aerobed can just be deflated and carried easily in its own storage bag.

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with nature.  Camping used to mean that you’d have to look forward to a poor night’s sleep with a sleeping bag on the cold, damp ground.  Those days are over!  You can now actually enjoy camping and get a good night’s sleep when you bring an airbed with you on your camping trip.

There are special airbeds that are designed specifically for camping use.  These are great because they are made to hold up well under all types of conditions.  Rugged and durable Aerobeds come in two designs that are created especially for the camping experience.   Outdoor Aerobeds are made with rugged construction that allows you to take them outdoors without fear of them getting easily punctured.

Different Styles of Outdoor Airbeds

There are several Outdoor Aerobed styles available to choose from.  Choose the type based on what you want to use them for.  For a basic camping experience you will want to try the Outdoor Aerobed Active airbeds.  This model provides you with a rugged construction yet it gives you a comfortable feel that is almost better than sleeping on a traditional mattress.  The Active model comes with a pump that can be plugged in to electricity or to your 12v car or camper battery.

Outdoor Aerobed models are made of tough materials that easily adjust even in extreme temperatures that you’ll find while camping.  Durable materials are used that allow you to sleep on them in even the most rugged of conditions.  While Aerobeds are made to last you’ll still want to take some simple precautions when using them outdoors.  First, always use a pad or tarp underneath them to protect them from rocks or branches that may protrude and cause damage.  Keep your Aerobed properly inflated while camping to ensure the best comfort possible.  Don’t over inflate as this can cause excess stress on the seams.

Outdoor Aerobeds are typically made from stronger or thicker materials than standard Aerobeds.  If you are planning on hiking, however, you’ll want to choose a special model Aerobed that is designed for this type of use.  These Aerobeds are lighter weight for easier and more convenient transport.  The beds also come without a standard air pump.  This allows you to add the air pump separately if you prefer.  You can easily roll or fold the air mattress into a small size that will fit easily into your backpack.

Enjoy A Comfortable Night’s Sleep Even In A Tent

Sleeping on an Aerobed while camping will increase your entire camping experience to a new level.  The Aerobed will actually give you a proper night’s sleep.  Many people actually indicate that they slept better and more comfortably on their Aerobed mattress than they do while sleeping on their regular mattress at home.  A better night’s sleep means you’ll have a better time on your camping trip. A well-rested camper can enjoy the natural outdoors much better than someone who tossed and turned all night with a bad night’s sleep.  Increase your camping enjoyment by using an Aerobed while camping.

Today’s air beds from Aerobed are feature rich and comfortable.  You’ll find that Aerobeds come complete with multiple features that are designed to provide you or your guests with a great night’s sleep.  There are three main categories of Aerobeds to choose from.  These include air mattress style, raised style and outdoor style.

The Basic Aerobed Mattress

The basic Aerobed air mattress is far superior to the blow-up air mattresses you may remember from your youth.  Even the most basic of Aerobed styles come with many advanced features that will help to give you a comfortable rest.

Aerobed air pumps are advanced air pumps that allow you to inflate your air bed within seconds or minutes.  You’ll never need to use your own air to inflate the Aerobed!

The Raised Aerobed

The raised Aerobed is a taller style air mattress that looks and feels most similar to your own mattress on your bed.  The raised mattress has two connected pieces that help to provide added sleeping comfort.  With any style airbed you place the airbed directly on the floor for use.  This eliminates the need to have spare beds in your rooms.  Imagine being able to use your spare room for whatever you like – a home office or sewing room – and then convert it easily to a guest bedroom using an Aerobed.

Aerobeds come in several designs.  There are classic, premier and platinum versions of many of the styles of air beds.  All styles come with an air pump for easy and quick inflation. The main differences between the versions are the amount of features that are added to the unit.  Classic Aerobeds are typically a simple design that is most often used for occasional use.  The airbed inflates quickly by using the air pump, which is most often plugged into an electrical outlet. These also come with a poly-cotton mattress cover and a one-year warranty.

Premier version air beds come with air pumps that allow you to customize the air in the bed to provide you with adjustable firmness.  This is great for guests who prefer to choose their own firmness level to match what they are used to.  The air pumps are rechargeable allowing you to inflate the bed no matter where you are. The premier versions also come with a longer warranty period of 3 years.

Premium air bed styles use air pumps that are further enhanced to include remote operation including remote deflation capability.  The mattress cover on premium styles is made of 100% cotton to provide more comfort.  Additionally the premier styles come with a 5-year warranty.

Air Bed Pumps

In general the air pumps used with Aerobeds are superior quality and very reliable.  The airbeds are made using recessed air fill valves to ensure that they do not interfere with comfort.  If you aren’t familiar with the Aerobed air pump you’ll certainly be impressed the first time you use it.  You’ll find that the pump quickly and easily inflates the air mattress in a matter of seconds.

Airbeds come in standard sizes so that regular sheet sets can be used with them.  It’s great to keep a few air beds on hand so you can easily accommodate your overnight guests.  All Aerobeds help to ensure a good sleeping posture.  Your guests may tell you that the bed was even more comfortable than the one they usually sleep on!  Aerobeds roll up for easy storage in their own bags that you can conveniently store in the closet when not in use.

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Aerobed Raised Double

Aerobed Raised Single

Ready Beds for Kids

Keeping Spare Air Beds

Many people enjoy having guests but few have the space to devote to keeping a spare bedroom for only the occasional visitor.  Instead why not use the room as you like and get an airbed?  An air bed is the perfect solution to having overnight company.

Today’s airbed comes in many sizes and designs.  There are Aerobed airbeds to suit anyone’s needs and budget.  Aerobeds are filled with comfort and ease features that make using them a breeze.  The airbeds take up very little room when stored.  They simply roll up and fit into a storage bag keeping them secure.

Accomodate Your Guests Without Giving Up Your Bed

There is no need to give up the space in your room to a fulltime bed when you can easily use an airbed whenever necessary.  They are so simple to use that anyone can do it.  The Aerobed comes with its own air pump that inflates the airbed in a matter of seconds.  The air pump is easy to use – simply attach it to the special permanent valve in the air mattress and turn it on.

Aerobeds provide the perfect extra bed for guests of all types.  The kids will enjoy having their friends sleep over when you keep a spare Aerobed or two in their closets.  Twin size air beds don’t take up much room when inflated and can easily be moved around.  You can inflate them just before bedtime and then they can be quickly deflated in the morning to get them out of the way. Aerobeds are made of durable materials so that they will stand up to repeated use.  They will fit regular size bed linens so there is no need to purchase any extra sheets.

Raised Air Beds Even Better Than Normal Beds

Adults enjoy the comfort of raised air beds.  Raised Aerobeds are the perfect choice for long term sleeping arrangements.  Raised air beds sit higher off the ground than standard air mattresses providing a very similar feel to that of a standard mattress and box spring set.  The Aerobed is designed to provide a stable and healthy sleep posture that is every bit as comfortable (or even more so) than sleeping in your regular bed.  Raised airbeds are great for older adults who may have trouble getting in and out of a lower inflatable mattress type of airbed.  Kids airbeds, especially the range of Ready Beds for Kids, are fantastic, no-hassle and versatile options for sleepovers or when visiting others and you want a comfortable temporary portable bed for your children.

You’ll be able to reclaim your spare room and use it for your office, den, reading room, craft room or whatever you desire.  The inflatable beds can easily fit in a small space so you’ll likely not need to move around any furniture to make space for them.  In fact you can fit several airbeds into small spaces allowing you to accommodate more overnight guests. The Aerobeds are easy to inflate and just as easy to deflate and put away.  The air release valve opens so you can quickly deflate the bed and then simply roll it up and put it in the storage cover to store.

Easy, No Hassle Storage With Air Beds

The Aerobeds take up very little room in the closet making them the perfect bed to have on hand in case visitors arrive.  Aerobeds are easy to care for and will provide you with years of reliable service.  Air beds not only save on space but they also save money.  They are much less expensive than purchasing regular mattress sets and they don’t require a frame.

You’ll be happy to equip your home with new Aerobeds that will leave your rooms open for other uses.  You’ll be prepared for any overnight guests and they will be glad to see that you provided comfortable sleeping arrangements for them.

If you’re looking for a new airbed here are some tips.  There are many things to consider when you are purchasing an air bed.  Here you’ll learn about the types of airbeds that are available so you can make an informed choice.  All Aerobeds are made of high quality materials and built to last.

There are three main types of Aerobeds available.  You should choose the type that best suits your needs.  This will provide you with the features that you need for your new air bed.

The three categories include:

  • Mattresses
  • Raised airbeds
  • Outdoor airbeds

When you think of airbeds you may be remembering the old thin blow-up versions that you had to literally blow up.  Well, the new Aerobeds are the 21st century edition of those.  What is the most notable improvement?  The new Aerobeds use small electric or rechargeable air pumps.

The Mattress Style Aerobed

The mattress style Aerobed is a one-piece design that is considered a basic air mattress.  It sits low to the ground and is a traditional mattress.  It is quick and easy to inflate and deflate and can easily be rolled up and put away.  The mattress style Aerobed is the perfect choice for occasional use.  Simply keep a couple of them in the closet and when guests arrive you’ll be ready.  These are also the most lightweight air beds making them great for people on the go.

Some of the features you’ll enjoy with a mattress style airbed include a simple style bed that is lightweight and easy to handle. You’ll find that the airbed is easy to inflate using the provided air pump.  There are many styles of Aerobed air pumps but they all have the ability to quickly and easily inflate your Aerobed within just a few minutes or less. You can choose between classic, premier and platinum styles that each provide you with the types of features and comfort you’ll enjoy.

Raised Airbeds

Raised airbeds have the look of a regular mattress set.  Raised airbeds are best for long-term use.  The airbed is raised higher off the ground making it easier to get in and out of.  The raised airbed provides a comfortable night’s sleep.  In fact many people have enjoyed the comfort so much that they ended up using the raised mattress all the time.  The raised air mattresses are indeed most comfortable yet are still easy to inflate and deflate.  There are two connected parts to the raised airbed, which provide the extreme comfort you’re looking for.

As with the mattress style airbeds raised airbeds also come in several styles and designs including classic, premier and platinum.  In general if you’re looking for a bed that will be used infrequently you may want to choose the classic version.  The premier and platinum raised airbeds come with additional comfort and convenience features that are perfect for more frequent use.  These features will offer your guests a pampered night’s sleep.

Outdoor Aerobeds

Outdoor Aerobeds are made for use outside such as for camping.  This air mattress gives you the comfort of your own bed while still enjoying the rugged outdoors.  The outdoor Aerobed comes in several styles that each provide you with a comfortable overnight experience even when camping in the most rugged terrains.  Your outdoor Aerobed may come with a detachable and rechargeable air pump to help you quickly and easily fill your air bed with ease and will connect to a 12volt system found in cars and campers.  Some air pumps also use batteries.  If backpacking is more your style you can still get the comfort of an outdoor airbed by choosing a lightweight version.

No matter what your needs are there is an Aerobed to fit both your requirements and your budget.

Airbeds are a great convenience and provide the perfect extra bed for guests and family members.  It is important to properly maintain your air bed so that it will continue to work perfectly for you for years to come.  There is nothing worse than setting up your airbed at the end of a long day and discovering that it isn’t working properly.  You can help your air bed give you years of solid service by following just a few important tips.

It is important to remember to treat your inflatable mattress with care.  This starts by adding the proper amount of air to the bed when you inflate it. An improperly inflated airbed puts undue stress on the seams over extended use.  The inflation pump that comes with your Aerobed is easy to use and will inflate your bed quickly and properly.

Be Gentle With Your Air Beds

Air beds are made using very strong and extremely durable materials however, they can get leaks if not properly cared for.  Avoid using sharp objects near the inflatable mattress.  Likewise keep pets off the airbed to avoid their sharp nails from poking the mattress.  Don’t let children use the air bed as a trampoline.  And also remember that jumping on airbeds can also be dangerous for small children in case they bounce off and hit their head against the floor.

Kids air beds are not as durable as airbeds for adults, so extra care must be taken to ensure that children do not jump onto them or jab them with sharp objects which might result in a tear in the material.

When using your blow up bed always use bed sheets on them.  The sheets help to protect the mattress from getting dirty.  Choose sheets that fit the bed properly.  Most inflatable air beds come in standard mattress sizes so you can use regular sheets on them.  A mattress pad or protector is also helpful to use on your airbed for added protection.  If you use your air mattress outdoors always place a protective pad underneath it to prevent sticks or rocks from poking into it.

Always allow your airbed to air out before deflating it and putting it away.  If your airbed is made of PVC you can clean it using a damp cloth and mild detergent.  Clean off any spots that occur immediately. If your bed has a flocked or cotton surface you must spot clean it only.  Always read the cleaning instructions for your specific type of airbed.  When you purchase the bed always keep the instructions with the product or file them in a safe place so that you can refer to them later.  If you do clean the air bed make sure that you let it dry off completely before putting it away.

Air Beds Leaks Can Be Repaired

If your airbed does spring a leak don’t worry.  Most small leaks can be easily repaired.  Your air bed came with a repair kit for just such a situation.  Follow the directions for putting on the patch and you’ll find that patches hold up very well and will extend the life of your airbed.

Sometimes putting your airbed away can be tricky.  In order to fit the airbed back into the protective sleeve you must be sure to deflate the airbed completely before you try to roll it up.  If you try to force the air out too quickly you can cause stress on the airbed.  Once all the air is out you can more easily fold the bed in half and then roll it as you would roll a sleeping bag.  It’s usually best to roll the airbed rather than folding it.  Folding the airbed can make the plastic stretched in areas, especially if it’s folded for an extended period of time.  Always put your rolled up airbed back into its cover to further protect it from damage.  If you don’t have a cover you can use a laundry or duffel bag for storage.

When storing your airbed keep it away from direct sunlight and excess heat and cold.  Heat can be especially damaging to the plastic causing it to soften and become misshapen.  The best and easiest place to store your airbed is in the closet.  When you follow these easy guidelines your airbed will last you for years and years to come.

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