Today’s air beds provide the perfect mix of comfort and convenience making them a clear choice for an extra bed in your home. No longer do you need to devote a whole room to guests when you may not have visitors very often. Instead, reclaim your spare rooms and choose Aerobeds instead. Here are the top reasons to choose Aerobed airbeds for your home.

  • Easy to Use – Aerobeds are easy to use. They come with easy to follow directions that anyone can follow. Simply open up the bed, attach the air pump and turn it on. In less than a few minutes you’ll have a fully inflated airbed that is ready to use. They aren’t heavy so any adult can manage them easily.
  • Comfortable – Aerobeds are the most comfortable type of air mattress you’ll ever sleep on. In fact many people find that they prefer sleeping on their Aerobed instead of their regular bed. Raised Aerobeds come with controls that allow you to adjust the amount of air in the bed. This allows you to inflate the bed to the exact comfort level of choice. Aerobeds are made to provide a healthy sleeping posture.
  • Space Saving – Air beds are so great because they save space in your home. You don’t need to keep a guest room when you have an Aerobed. Double or Single Aerobeds store easily by rolling them and placing them into their protective storage bag making them small and compact. You can easily store them in any size closet. You can keep several of them on hand to set up for unexpected guests.
  • Durable – Aerobeds are made of durable materials that will hold up to years of use. The air beds are very sturdy which you will notice immediately when you unpack them from the box. The heavyweight material is perfect for inflatable beds while still being lightweight enough to be easy to carry and store.
  • Easy Care – Aerobeds are very easy to maintain. They can simply be deflated and rolled back up to be stored until the next use. They are virtually unaffected by spills or stains which can easily be spot cleaned. Aerobeds are nearly indestructible but if they do spring any leaks they can be easily patched using an included patch kit.
  • Clean and Allergen Free – Regular beds can collect dust and dust mites that can actually be problematic for people with allergies. The Aerobed is made of materials that don’t hold onto dust so it is always allergen free and provides a clean sleeping environment. Aerobeds come in standard sizes so that you can use your regular sheets with them.
  • Affordability – Inflatable beds are the most affordable way to provide extra sleeping space. They are much less expensive than purchasing a mattress and box spring set along with a frame. The convenience alone that you get from using them is well worth the cost. Because they last a long time you’ll find that you spend just pennies per use on them.

You’ll find that Aerobeds are so easy and affordable that you can’t afford not to have one. They are great for use as kids inflatable beds and help you to easily put up your adult guests. They are great for college students and for travelling grandparents. Anyone and everyone will love the comfort of sleeping on an Aerobed and they are so easy to store that you can easily keep one in every closet.


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Handy Air Beds Help With Extra Guests

Air beds are so handy to have in the house for a spare bed in   case of visitors at the last minute. With Christmas  approaching and the likelihood of friends and family  stopping over for a night or two, it makes sense to have an  inflatable bed handy.  Your visitors get a good night’s  sleep on a comfortable mattress and you get to keep your own bed to yourself  instead of offering it to your visitors!  Mind you, the quality of air beds available these days is excellent and you can get a great night’s sleep on one.

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Air beds take up very little room when boxed up so even  though you might only use this a few times (unless you go  camping), you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the storage  space required by an airbed is very small and you can put it  away in a cupboard whilst it is not in use.

Overall, you need to find a bed that is comfortable, easy to  pump up (takes about 15-30 mins), is easy and quick to let  down and will give a good night’s sleep. Luckily, there are  many different types of airbeds around and it is a matter of  personal preference as to which one you go for: single,  double, raised (which means that instead of having a  mattress that is fairly low to the ground, this is quite a way off the ground,  almost, but not quite the same distance off the  ground as a normal bed). Gelert and Aerobeds are two of the  better known brands but you can get Coleman and Campinggaz brands as well.

Three of the more popular models of air beds are the AeroBed Premier  Raised Double Air Bed, the Aerobed Classic Double Raised Air Bed and the Aerobed Classic Raised King Air Bed all of which are raised off the floor to the same height as you would get in a normal bed.

They self inflate with a pump in about 3 minutes making them super quick and easy to put up – even if your guests turn up very late at night.

Using an electric airbed pump means you can pump the airbed up relatively quickly from about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on which type of airbed you have. The raised airbeds will take longer to pump up because they require more air as they are larger.

So, you are getting ready for an upcoming camping trip and are thinking about the “essentials” for your weekend in the woods. You probably have all of your gear for setting up a camp site including a tent, sleeping bag and other equipment. You are also probably thinking about cooking, bathing and even some “luxuries” like communication and any emergency needs.

This is a wise approach to an enjoyable weekend or camping trip because many people forget about some of the more difficult realities while they prepare for a vacation. For example, what will you do in the event of a medical emergency? While you may know that a hospital is about twenty miles from the camp site, the problem may be that you have no idea how to find the hospital! What kind of facilities are at the location? Will there be hot water? What kind of lighting will be available?

Luckily modern technology can provide solutions and answers to all of these questions through solar powered products, and a frequent camper would be wise to invest in some of the best solar powered camping essentials.

Beginning with communications; like millions of other consumers you probably have a cell phone, mobile device or GPS. Each of these remarkable gadgets can function in a wide number of ways, but each of them also requires a fully charged battery. The problem then is just how to charge a battery in the middle of the woods? The answer is a portable solar charger. These are lightweight and completely portable solar panels that are constructed of durable and flexible materials that will provide a small, personal electronic device with a full charge. Some backpackers will even drape the waterproof units over the exterior of their pack and use it to feed their GPS with a constant charge throughout the day! This is also great for emergency situations where a cellular phone or other device may be required to call for help. Often times, a good solar charger may be your only life line when out in the wilderness.

The next area where solar equipment can help out on a camping trip is lighting. There are an enormous range of solar powered lamps and lights that can provide up to twelve hours of service on a single charge. This saves campers from lugging the significantly heavier, battery powered units traditionally used in the woods, and it also eliminates any concerns about running out of light when batteries die.

Finally, one of the most enjoyable experiences provided by solar power on a camping trip is a hot shower. Specially treated bags can be filled with ice cold stream water and left in the sun for a few hours where the bag superheats the water and provides a steaming hot shower for a lucky camper!

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Once you have chosen the perfect location to go camping, there are also several things you have to think through to better enjoy the trip. Here are five tips when going camping:

1. Prepare your camping supplies.

There are various ways to purchase camping supplies. Be sure to make a checklist of all the camping supplies you will buy and have already bought. You may go online and canvass for low-priced supplies. Among the supplies you will need are tents, camping chairs, coolers, bed/sleeping bags, tent heaters, batteries, flashlights, grill, matches, first-aid kits, and lanterns. With the internet you will save time, and may also search for different brands, or further on with the brand you are familiar with. However, if you have time to go shopping for your supplies, you may opt heading to a local store. This will be more of a convenient option if you intend on checking on your supplies’ material, style, weight, dimensions, etc. If you are concerned with buying expensive variants, you may check out your neighbor’s auction for second-hand camping supplies. But remember that with good quality comes good comfort.

2. Bring games/fun paraphernalia.

Whether you are going to your campsite in a family car or a different mode of transportation, make sure you bring games. You will be having fun on the way already. You may bring board or card games, electronic gear, or even oral guessing games with the family. If you have little ones with you, include kids’ toys. This will keep you alive and set for the real camping adventure.

3. Bring a camera/video recorder.

Who wants to forget the moments of the outdoors? Make sure you bring a camera or a video recorder to capture the adventures you are about to take. Opt for a waterproof variant if you are to head for wet areas. Take turns with the gadgets so that nobody will feel left out. Note that you are going camping – electricity may be an issue, so do not forget to bring extra batteries!

4. Plan out outdoor activities.

It is always better to plan on an adventure with your family and friends. You want to ensure general enjoyment. There are many activities for your camping trip – a treasure hunt, a bug-catching event, a nightly campfire of story-telling, wood-chopping, plain fishing, rock-climbing, or even your own version of “The Amazing Race”! Include prizes such as food, drinks, merits and ribbons to culminate each activity. This way, even an ordinary camping chore will be transformed into a rewarding activity. Also consider setting up a base camp for all your outdoor activities. We do not want anyone to lose their way.

5. Make a “to-do” list.

Remember to have a list as your itinerary. Distribute this list to each and everyone in the camping trip. This way everyone is aware of what sort of fun is to come each day. It will also serve as a memento of the wonderful trip to share/shared.

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Frequent campers are well aware of the costs that can accumulate while purchasing camping supplies. Durable equipment is a must, because you want this purchase to last a long time. Food and other more expendable supplies, on the other hand, are a recurring hassle because they have to be bought over and over again. If you can save on the cost of supplies, it will earn you more money for more trips.

Make a list of the supplies you find yourself buying over and over. Then, during the off-season, look for ways to stock up and save money. Target, Wal-mart and other retail stores often have sales on camping equipment during the fall and winter, especially on stoves, tents, and sleeping bags. Even though you may not need them right now, you might be able to save money by buying items like ponchos and miscellaneous camping gear when they go on clearance in early fall as well.

Think about the food you normally bring along on your trips. Grocery stores will have specials on dried soups and drinks you like to take along even if you camp year round. Take advantage on any promotional offers on frozen vegetables and other ingredients you may need. You can cook them up before taking them along for the ride, and you can store it in the freezer if it is not yet needed.

You might also consider taking a trip to your local bulk supply store. Stuffs like paper plates and cups, dried fruit, trail mixes, snacks and dried soups or drinks can be split throughout the camping season even if bought in bulk. Good deals on grills and other supplies can be also found in some bulk supplies.

The most important way to save money on your camping supplies is to take excellent care of all of them. Simple maintenance on tents, sleeping bags and other gear can save money in the long run, and prevent having to make big purchases over and over again. Cans of waterproofing solutions are available at most department and hardware stores, and can be applied yearly to make sure that water damage is no longer a concern.

Careful planning and purchasing of camping supplies throughout the year, not just when you need them, can save you a lot of money in the long run. Some supplies like paper goods and dried foods are okay to buy in bulk. Be aware of any sales and clearance rack during the off season for cheaper supplies. The more money saved on supplies will result on more trips to your favorite destinations all year long.

This article is for the picky loader – those who want everything that is best for their camping trip. Think everything fun, comfortable and luxurious.

Let us face it, some campers would not want to go out camping at all if they are not sure they would feel a lot at home. Some campers would not settle with just the basic camping equipment out there. We definitely understand that. Living in the wilds could be intimidating, and they need all the comfort they could get – even at the point of spending their whole paycheck on all of the best camping equipment they could find.

Everything, as in everything. The average loader would settle for the just the top necessities when it comes to camping, but the picky loader would go for everything that will make his vacation the best it could be. And the best it could be would mean bringing a load of extra camping equipment. Everything you will be needing from intricate lighters to portable DVD’s. If you want your camping trip to go an extra mile, then don’t forget these luxuries.

Not all types of camping are the same. Some are just as simple as going through the night in the outdoors, with the simple joys like stargazing. Some are challenged to go unharmed in an un-chartered territory. And some like to party-ay in the woods without a single care in the world. Nonetheless these things would be impossible if you happen to fail in packing the ultra needed camping equipment that go alongside your dreams and ideals of the perfect getaway in the ultimate outdoors. Here is the best you could get when it comes to camping.

1. Beer and loads of uncooked steak.
2. Recipes.
3. Wine glass.
4. Martini glass.
5. Champagne glass.
6. Champagne.
7. Ziploc bags.
8. Picnic towels.
9. Foldable furniture. Camping chairs and tables.
10. Coolers, even a portable refrigerator.
11. Blender.
12. Hibatchi grill or Coleman portable stove
13. Your own grilling smoky firewood.
14. Firestarter or quick start sticks.
15. Propane lantern.
16. An insect repellent mechanism.
17. Insect bite.
18. After bite.
19. Pain relief.
20. Anti histamine
21. Topical antibiotics
22. Emergency thermal reflective blanket.
23. Tent heater.
24. Compact generator.
25. Sound system.
26. DVD’s.
27. Portable TV set.
28. Laptop.
29. Digital camera.
30. Video game consoles.
31. Board games.
32. UNO. Bunco dice. Bingo cards.
33. Deck of cards.
34. Books
35. Mags.
36. Crossword puzzles.
37. Kiddie activity books.
38. Beach or sand toys.
39. Sunbathing towel.
40. Baseballs or footballs.
41. Frisbees.
42. Binoculars.
43. Compass.
44. Swimming gear.
45. Inflatable kayak.
46. Boating and fishing equipment.
47. Extra sleeping mats and sleeping pillows.
48. Bean bags.
49. Air mattresses.
50. The biggest tent.

Make a list of all the engaging activities you want to do on your camping trip, and then list down all, as in all you will be needing. It is not important if you come up with the longest list possible of camping equipment. The idea is comfort, and having fun.

This article is for the picky loader – those who want everything that is best for their camping trip. Think everything fun, comfortable and luxurious.

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Many long time camping enthusiasts do not believe that they can still enjoy their favorite pastime after they have kids. This is simply not true. Camping with kids can be even more enjoyable than before, especially when you introduce your love of nature to your children, and see their eyes light up with all the fun they will have.

The age of your child is a big factor when deciding whether it is time for you to take them camping with you. A thing you might want to consider if you will bring a baby is to look for a site which provides electricity, making it easier for you to heat up the baby’s milk whenever it’s feeding time. Also, keep the packing simple. It will come to mind that you need to bring the entire kid’s items with you, but the truth is that is actually a whole lot simpler. Plan out how many days you are going to be at the campsite, and pack accordingly with enough diapers, formula, bottles, wipes and clothing for the exact number of days only.

Since you have been camping before, it may be time to upgrade your equipment to include the kids. A two man tent is not going to cut it for much longer, especially if you have older kids. Younger children will need a big tent that for them to play safely inside at the same time keep too much sunlight out. It will also keep the children in if mom or dad is busy with other things. A family size tent offers all of this, with a bigger sleeping room, purchasable with all the extras you need, and is a whole lot better compared to what your old two man tent could ever provide.

Nature can be an exciting playground for your children to explore, for any age. Toddlers should be given more attention, of course, but making them aware of camping and hiking safety is a top priority. Remember to explain why it is important to stay near the campsite area, as well when and how to use their camping tools. Telling them all about where they will be going is also important, if for any reason to get them excited about what fun you all will be having on the trip.

Older kids should have plenty of activities available to them on the trip, more than just hiking with dad or sitting around the campsite with mom. The average teenager is a social creature, so camping with kids near a state park or theme park might not be a bad plan. Swimming areas and recreation zones which most big camping locations have are great for keeping kids lively and smilimg. Asking your kids inout in planning the trip is a great idea, it keeps them involved and map out any other activites they would want to engage in.

Another option for camping with kids to double the fun by camping out with close friends or other family members. It will give you the option of having somebody else look after your kids for your alone time, and also is more fun if you go with more people. Also bring toys and recreational games for your children to engage in will make this a very enjoyable and unforgettable camping trip which may become the start of your very own annual family tradition.

Going out camping is a big deal. Getting organized and just trying to remember what gear to bring is one of the most difficult things about getting ready for camping. There are camping supplies here and there and you are not sure if you have indeed packed everything, as in everything you need.

You seem to always forget something. It may be helpful to keep a checklist of your needed camping supplies inside your pocket. Having a checklist in preparation for your trip would have to be the most important thing to do before going camping. This keeps everything organized and helps you make sure that nothing important is left behind. You can involve everyone in the making a checklist. Listing camping supplies could be fun and anticipative of the excitement you will get on your trip.

There may be a difficulty in making your list of necessary camping supplies. There are different kinds of camping. Survivalist camping is a challenge not to bring almost anything than the clothes you are on, and recreational camping is in contracts with the idea of getting the most comfort and luxury as having electricity while camping.

Other types of camping can also incorporate lots of other extra activities that need added camping supplies – swimming, rafting, grilling, or fishing. Since there are different types of camping, your needs of what to bring could also vary a great deal depending on your camping plans. To keep things easy, it may be beneficial to keep two lists of camping supplies, one for the basics and another one for the extras. The basics list would be invariable, while the extras list would be the flexible list.

Here, we are going to tackle about the basics list. Make sure you have at least the items mentioned below before packing the truck full of beer.

1. Tent. Even if you have a cabin to stay on, you probably still want to experience sleeping outdoors. Hence, a tent is a necessity. Determine your budget and needs first before picking one as there are an array of tents with various features and styles in the market. Just make sure that the tent is waterproof, lightweight, and easy to assemble. And make sure that your tent sleeps the number of people in your camp. You should also list down all the things you will be needing in setting up your tent, like stakes and hammer.

2. Sleeping bags. Don’t let yourself be folded in a ton of blankets inside your tent. And remember that some campers don’t get to bring tents with them, for instance those confined not to having enough camping space. Hence, a good sleeping bag is always a necessity for comfort.

3. Rainwear. Always anticipate the weather will be rainy. Having a good rainwear saves you from future discomfort.

4. Tarps. Tarps are good especially if you are eating outdoors and it is raining. Bring some rope too to tie them up.

5. Cooking utensils and portable grill or stove and fuel for a homier camping.

6. Bottled drinking water and high-carbohydrate food for nourishment.

7. Insect repellent, sunscreen, basic medicine, and first aid kit for safety.

8. Batteries, flashlight, waterproof matches, whistle, pocketknife.

9. Cleaning items like plastic bags, dishwashing soap, sponge, paper towels.

10. Personal necessities like soap, toothbrush, and towel.

Efficient, comfortable, safe. Have a ready bin of all these items even if you are not immediately camping. When the time comes it will be handy. You are sure of that.

Rachel Nunez

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which road to take. The cat said it depends on where she is going. That pretty much answers a question that one could ask about what portable bed to buy. It depends on where you are going, what you are doing, or what you are. Are you going camping, to college, or vacationing? Are you a backpacker, a student, a mother, someone who travels a lot?

For Campers, Hikers and Backpackers. If you are frequently going on trips to the mountains, up steep trails and camping grounds, you have the choice of sleeping pad, inflatable mattress or sleeping cot. Each has its own advantage and disadvantage. A sleeping pad is easy to use, but it is generally less comfortable as it would put you more directly over rocks and tree rots than an inflatable mattress or cot would. An inflatable mattress, being cushioned, is more comfortable than a sleeping pad while being comparable in size, ease of use and weight. But it is prone to puncture and is more complex to use as it would need inflation and deflation. A sleeping cot has the advantage of height over a mattress and a sleeping pad. But it is more complicated to set up than a sleeping pad and could take up tent space. With these considerations, it’s for you, the buyer, to balance these factors when choosing a bed.

For Mothers. Running a home would most likely mean having to accommodate relatives, the kids’ friends or other visitors in the house. Portable beds will be a good thing to have when there’s no more room space in the house. An air bed or inflatable mattress would always come in handy when unexpected guests arrive or when going over with the kids to the house of relatives or on hotels during vacation. Inflatable beds offer the advantage of being light to carry and easy to keep without the need for large spaces. They can also be rolled and folded to variable dimensions.

For Babies. Portable air beds for infants and toddlers could help a lot in making the child comfortable whether at home or somewhere else. With the baby comfy, Mommy could enjoy and relax herself. Kids’ travel beds usually have raised edges to keep the child from rolling off and falling. They’re great to carry when visiting grandma and grandpa, when traveling or napping at a visit to the park.

For Students. Going off to your first year in college and living on your own in your first apartment? Just like Mom in your home, an inflatable mattress, air bed or sleeping pad would come in handy around your dorm. You can bring it when sleeping over to friends’ place, or going on camping trips. You can also have use for portable beds if you have guests coming over and they need a place to sleep. Or perhaps an opportunity will come to you when you need to travel to another city or state to do summer jobs, volunteer works, trainings and the accommodation is such that you need to bring your own bed.

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Many parents debate as to whether or not to use portable inflatable toddler beds when taking their children on overnight trips.  There are quite a few different models available for them to use when taking their children out on their trips.  It is simply a matter of finding the right bed to make that parent happy.

Keep in mind that the inflatable toddler beds are really airbeds.  However, one must find an airbed that is safe for their child to sleep on, and does not present a hazard in any form for the child.

How do you find the right one?  Well, it takes some time as you do not want to put your child in jeopardy.   Taking a trip to the local camping store to do some comparison shopping would be a really good start, with your child in tow.
Look at the airbeds that are in the camping store.  Do they have surfaces that are completely flat or are the surfaces sunken below the edge so that the child will not roll out onto the floor?

Are the airbeds in the store cheap, thin plastic, or are they a thick PVC type of plastic?  Have you, as a parent considered not using the airbed, and just putting your child on the floor, instead?

While putting your child on the floor is an option, it is not always a good idea.  This is especially true for some children who seriously thrash around in their sleep, as they may hurt themselves.
On the other hand, making your child as comfortable as possible when they are going to be away from home so that they will sleep well is just as necessary, too.  Well-rested children are far less cranky during overnight trips, and definitely more cooperative.

One option that may not necessarily be found in some camping stores, but may have some similarities to what is found in them are Ready beds for children.

However, the one thing that this particular airbed does have–that most airbeds do not–to protect children is a sleeping surface that is recessed by ten centimeters.  While children sleep in a recessed surface, they are less likely to fall out of the bed that they are sleeping in, and consequently won’t hurt themselves.
Finding airbeds that have a recessed sleeping surface can be done, but not with such a deeply recessed surface as these Ready Beds.  In an effort to prevent children from rolling off while sleeping, and harming themselves,  these Ready Beds were designed for children so that a child can toss and turn in their sleep.

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