If you have kids you know how hard it can be to travel with them.  While babies are easy to care for toddlers are a different story.  Often the hotel you stay at on holiday doesn’t have proper accommodations for little tots.  It’s important to keep your kids safe whether at home or on a trip.  The best bed to provide for a toddler on a trip is a kids inflatable bed.

When choosing an inflatable bed for toddlers there are some special considerations to keep in mind.  One of the main reasons to choose an inflatable bed for a toddler is that it’s easy to use and you can keep it near your own bed.  It can be easily set up just next to the adult bed or near your other children in the room.

Choosing A Travel Bed For Your Toddler

The best inflatable bed for a toddler is a style that is close to the ground.  Choose a style of inflatable bed such as the classic mattress style from Aerobed.  This style provides a simple design that is close to the ground.  It’s important to choose an airbed that is low to the ground so that toddlers can easily get in and out of bed and they won’t fall or roll out and hurt themselves.

An inflatable Aerobed such as the classic mattress design comes in a child size that is perfect for small children.  The child’s Aerobed has special features created just for keeping tots safe and comfortable as they sleep.  The design features a sleep surface that is recessed to prevent little ones from rolling off the mattress.  The Aerobed comes complete with a patented twist-on hand-held pump that provides quick and easy inflation yet can be removed out of the hands of children when not in use.  The bed has a removable washable mattress cover for easy care.

Kids Love Inflatable Beds

The child-size Aerobed deflates quickly and rolls up easily fitting into the convenient carry bag that is provided.  The Aerobed for kids is the right size for small children and is perfect for taking to sleepovers.  It’s much more comfortable than sleeping in a sleeping bag directly on the floor!  Simple to operate, the child Aerobed is the best solution to tot sleeping while arrangements while on holiday.

The size of the child Aerobed measures 152 cm by 91 cm by 20 cm and weighs just 5 kg.  This makes the Aerobed easy to take anywhere and handy to use. Parents will love the safety features and will be particularly happy to have their small tot sleeping close by but not in bed with mum and dad!  The small size allows for easy set-up to fit in any sized room, even in close quarters.

Ready beds are also another brand of kids inflatable beds.

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The Aerobed is a well-known and respected name in air mattresses providing a one-year warranty.  All Aerobeds are famous for their ease of use and most of all for the comfortable sleeping surface they provide.  The channel construction gives an even sleep surface that is easy on the back and neck muscles, even for little ones.